Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did Someone Say "Snow"???

Not that it's unusual to have a snowy December in New England, but it would appear that Mother Nature decided to dump a whole winter's worth in 3 days! The children were, naturally, thrilled to wake up Friday morning to a day off from school. I was equally pleased, when it continued all day, to not have to go to work. Saturday was clear, so my vacation was short-lived. I was pleasantly surprised to find that things weren't TOO crazy, at work, after the loss of one precious shopping day. We woke up to more snow this morning and it continued through most of the afternoon. The kids and I are all teetering on the brink of cabin fever. I don't dare check the weather channel, for fear tomorrow may be another school cancellation and I NEED the day for last minute bustling about. I sure hope Mother Nature is listening and will take pity on those of us who aren't quite as organized as we'd like to be.

My little one braved the elements, with an (initially) reluctant 13 pound fuzz-ball, in tow. They had a fabulous time and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing their snowy smiles on "film".


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  2. GREAT pics - wow, my kids would be so jealous!!! We've got a bit of a cold snap here in savannah, though i can't complain, cause x-mas day they're calling for eighty!

    love the gold star pic!

  3. These pictures are TERRIFIC, Kimberly!!!!!!!And they both are sooo cute!
    Monica x.