Friday, April 24, 2009

On a Roll!

It was a splendiforous day in CT...finally...and we're in for more glorious sunshine this weekend. WOOHOO! I love how there is a palpable shift in the energy level when spring arrives in full force: people are more patient with other drivers on the road, smiling faces are more abundant and simple greetings are friendlier & more genuine. In short, most of the "Eeyores" go into hibernation and the world is abound with "Tiggers". Although I had a "to do" list chock full of indoor chores, I just couldn't keep myself confined by four walls. I did a bit of gardening, cleaning up the garage, had a picnic lunch with a friend and practiced my photography skills. Did the spring & winter clothes get switched around? Nope! Did I sort through clothes the kids have outgrown? Nope! Did I organize the basement, in anticipation of my landlord bringing me dumpsters for a massive purging? Nope...nope...nope! I joined the rest of the springy Tiggers and worked on refining my bounce. Still lacks finesse, so I just may practice again tomorrow :-) the flowers are self-explanatory (simple collages of my miniature daffodils & my one, red tulip). The little doors are "fairy" doors that I have scattered around my gardens. I also happened to catch a shadow, from the "GROW" sign I have in my side garden. I thought it went well with my tiny fairy doors when I was doing that collage. Yes? No?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kittens Galore

It must have something to do with celebrating my son's birthday today...I have been fixated on where time goes. In the blink of an eye, my baby boy goes from weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, 11 ounces to....well, a bit more than that :-) I realized, too, that the kittens will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and I haven't updated on them since they looked like a small pile of mice! That is hardly the case now. They are up and about, eyes wide opened and have very distinct, individual personalities. Cute as can be they are! We are definitely keeping the gray kitten...aptly named "Gray" (although, "Shadow" and "Bagheera" were considerations). The other 3 are fairly identical looking, so we'll see which, of those, my son takes a liking to.

My Baby Turns 14

Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into....well, you get the idea. One day you're holding this miraculous creation in your arms, wondering if you can do it "right"; IT being this whole parenting thing. The most important job you'll ever have, yet the one there is no real training for, other than trial & error and a whole lot of prayer. Before you know it, you're staring eyeball to eyeball with a wonderfully independent, ferociously moody teenager who is the first to let you know that there is very little you (Mom) can do "right" :-) It is during those moments that I need to turn a deaf ear to what he is saying and listen, with my heart, to the echoes of his footsteps while he continues on his own journey. He is respectful to others. He doesn't get in trouble at school. He is (mostly) kind & tolerant of his little sister. His grades are decent. AND, he still hugs and kisses me every night before bed and every morning before he heads off to school! When I listen carefully and look closely, I know that I am, in fact, doing more right than I could have imagined. So, as my baby turns 14 today, I will count my blessings and pray that the foundation has been set strongly enough for my James to become a man of honor & integrity. That's really the best we can hope for, isn't it?
***The baby picture was taken the day after I found out that there was a BIG mistake with a MISdiagnosis of a rare, cancerous tumor they thought they had found in my uterine wall. Although the picture quality is not top notch, my expression reflects the relief in my heart!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hard Time Getting Going

Do you ever have times when you just can seem to get your wheels rolling? That pretty much sums up what's been happening, with me, since my last post. I had a few days of feeling fairly melancholy, after having to put our cat, Sam, to sleep. The kids have been gone (with their dad) for four days, so I've been trying to catch up on the things I can't get done while they are under foot...weeding through bins of broken toys, purging games & playthings they have outgrown/ don't use. It's been so quiet, at home, that you'd think I'd be a whirling dervish of activity...not so much :-) I'd get started on one project, remember another thing that needed my attention, get distracted by the kittens. Before I knew it, nothing had gotten completely finished. The children come home this evening, so today is my day...I really mean tie up loose ends. I did manage to treat myself to some fun project time, but haven't taking any pictures. ***Note to self: take pictures to share with blog friends. I'm thinking I need to start with a "To do" list. There is something intrinsically rewarding about the physical act of crossing things off a "To do" list. I always break tasks down to such minute steps, so I get to do lots of crossing off :-)