Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Early Mother's Day myself!

I LOVE spring! I just love everything about it: we all can shed our layers of winter woolens, mother nature weaves her magic wand and the world begins to rejevenate, people (for the most part) and simply happier & more patient with one another AND....there is an abundance of tag sales to scout out. I had a small window of "me time" on Saturday morning, so I quickly ran over to a fund raiser rummage sale to benefit our local dog park. I picked up quite a few doo-dads and what-nots, but this may very well be the find of my lifetime (running a close second to the full-length, mahogany mink coat, in perfect condition that I snagged at Salvation Army several years ago for $19.99). All of the clothes, at this tag sale, were $1...keep it simple, no muss no fuss. I came across, what I thought was a men's tuxedo, as I was going through the racks of clothes. Lo and behold: it was a woman's my size, made by Christian Dior!

 As an added bonus, the woman who had donated it was standing nearby and she informed me it had already been dry cleaned, so it was ready for the red carpet. Naturally, I tried it on as soon as I got home and...sing choir of fits like it was custom tailored for my body. I'm definitely holding onto this beauty, but I did a little research on Dior tuxedos. As far as I can tell, they retail for between $2,000-$3,000! Oh, happy day...and happy Mother's Day to me!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rummage Sale Nirvana

Today was the annual St. Peter's Episcopal Church rummage sale and...well... "WOOHOO"! I had to be up a little early to drop my son off to take the SAT's. ***An aside from an educator and a mother: why do they schedule the most important test of a high school student's "career" at 7 a.m.? Is there some valid reason the tests can't be given a few hours later when the kids are actually awake enough to think? Back to the rummage sale: I arrived at 8:50, knowing the doors wouldn't budge until exactly 9:00 a.m., and managed to snag a respectable fifth place in line. I exited the church 27 minutes later, my arms laden with treasures and my wallet a paltry $20 lighter ($5 of which was my donation to the church as "penance" for the amazing "steals" I acquired).
Hubby is not an early riser on weekends, so he didn't accompany me on the first part of my shopping spree. The finale of this particular rummage sale is not to be missed, so John was ready & rarin' to go when we headed back to the church at noon for one hour of heavenly shove-everything-you-can-in-a-shopping-bag for $5 per bag. An hour later we bid a final adieu to St. Peter's and loaded our 6 bags into the back of my car. My favorite part: spreading everything out on the dining room table so I can absorb the full picture of the day's thrifting. There is something infinitely more satisfying about spending $50 for all of these goodies than there is filling my tank with gas. Agreed?

***Not pictured: 2 huge bags of fabric/ quilting squares, 2 pairs of curtains that match our bedroom decor perfectly (freshly washed & drying outside on the pool fence), 4 wool sweaters for hubby (washed and drying in the laundry room) and 2 full loads of "new" clothes (one in the washer & one in the dryer).

Seven baskets & a large batch of gorgeous dyed mohair

Six boxes of hand-dipped, "flower tapers" candles & eight boxes of "slim" candles

Fleece, felt & quilting squares

Brand new Ann Taylor patent leather wedge sandals, Softt clogs (one of my favorite brands) and 4 beautiful leather belts (in a cute tin container)

My FAVORITE find of the day: 4 pairs of vintage gloves in a sweet flowered box

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Fashion Finds

Don't take my absence from blogland as a sign that my bargain hunting has been on hiatus. As the amazing staff at Consignment Originals can attest, I am probably as (if not more) familiar with the stock/ layout of the store as they are. I have developed a definite routine during my C.O. outings: first stop is the $1 and up racks (scouting both the ladies' & the juniors' sections for myself and my girlies). If my cart isn't filled after those racks, I hit the 50% off goodies. Rarely do I venture to the full-price areas; not because the prices aren't incredibly reasonable, but why go for reasonable when you can...with a little more effort...go for ridiculous?!?
I have so much catching up to do, but I did snap pictures of a few of my recent finds this afternoon.
Navy & white Ann Taylor Skirt ($4), New
Cream ruffled Dimri top ($1)
Black H&M skirt ($1.70)
Royal blue Tweeds top ($1.70)

Geometric silk, shift dress: Mark. ($3.20)
And the major score of the day, which will have to wait patiently in my closet until next fall...a gorgeous heather blue, cashmere/ wool jacket. I think this may be handmade because it has no tags....70 cents!!!!