Saturday, March 28, 2009's Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday to you all. A special thank you to Beverly, How Sweet the Sound, for hostessing this weekly event. Make sure you take a few minutes...or stop by Beverly's blog. The number of "Pink Saturday" participants is growing in leaps and bounds! I'm not sure what the skies are doing in your neck of the woods, but it's rather gray and gloomy here, in Connecticut, so a focus on PINK is the perfect remedy for the dreary weather.
As you may know, I have a thing about cut flowers: they make me a little sad. Last weekend a friend gave me some pink roses and I decided to practice my photography skills with them. I figured even I couldn't mess up too badly, with one of nature's true beauties. I was pleasantly surprised that the pictures came out fairly well. Last night I started playing with some "Playing with Brushes" images from flickr and I was quite pleased with the end result.
Regardless of what the skies are doing wherever you are, I hope your heart is feeling pink and perky this weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been counting and recounting the number of posts I've written because I just can't believe this is my 100th! This has got to be the epitome of "time flies when you're having fun". When my sister, the "other" Kim, of Savannah Gourmet, first suggested I start a blog, my intention was simply to keep a running record of all of the ludicrous, bizarre, unbelievable things that could only happen to me. While there has been a bit of that, my blog has evolved into the place where all of the wacky, eclectic components of my personality (and my life) converge to paint a picture of my world. The coloring is definitely outside of the lines...and sometimes goes right off the paper!
This journey has been amazing, though. I can look back and see where I've wandered off the beaten path and, all along the way, there was one (or more) of you to 1.) walk alongside of me or 2.) gently pull me back onto the trail. Odd though it may seem, to "outsiders", the friendships I have formed with my blog-buddies are as significant as any I have formed in my "real" life. What astounds me, on a daily basis, is how intertwined our lives become and how familiar we are with the details of each others daily routines.
I'm so grateful, to each and every one of you, who has reached out to me and allowed me to be a small part of your world!
Now for the give-away part: initially, it was my plan to assemble (what I'd hoped would be) a wonderful collection of my handmade creations for the winner. This afternoon, I switched gears a bit. Yes, the give-away does include some handmade goodies, but the "theme" is: "These are a few of my favorite things". For those of you who don't know me well enough yet, here are some hints...
I love...the beach, fairy tales, all things Victorian, whimsical sillies, girly bath products, jewelry, photographs, accessories, things that simplify my chaotic life, miniatures, sparkles, comfy cozies...and surprises! So, that's what I'm going to do: surprise the winner with some of my favorite things, which will, hopefully, be some of her favorite things. Please leave a comment, if you would like to be entered, and one of my kids will randomly choose a name on Monday. Why Monday? Why not?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stunned Speechless

My wonderful new friend, Sharon of SharDonExclusives, has rendered me positively speechless. Since I discovered her amazingly, fantastically stunning jewelry, I have been transfixed by her talent and imagination. She, who turns a piece from a broken stained glass, church window, into a pendant that is truly a work of art. Who, beside Sharon, could even imagine such a metamorphosis? I posted earlier that Sharon and I instantly "clicked", via email, followed by a phone chat that confirmed (to me at least) that we were just meant to be friends. I had sent Sharon some beaded jewelry that I knew she could transform into something far lovelier than it was. She seemed pleased with her new goodies and let me know that a little "love gift" was on its way to me. I wasn't expecting the package until tomorrow, but was THRILLED when it arrived a day early. "Little love gift" my.....eye! The main gift was the most gorgeous necklace I could imagine and exactly what I would have chosen for myself. How did she know? She also made me a beautiful pin cushion (such a misnomer for this lovely piece). I don't have a pin cushion. I store my pins/ needles in an empty film canister and prick my finger EVERY time I open it. How did she know? Then there was one of her fabulous eye glass cases. I just got a pair of reading glasses and have been carrying them, in my purse, wrapped in a paper towel because I didn't have a glasses case. How did she know?
When you make a true heart connection with another person, you just know. Thank you, Sharon, for....well, you know :-)
I am very unhappy with the quality of the pictures. I tried to snap them before the sun went down. I also had my son attempt to take some pictures of me wearing the necklace, but they didn't turn out well. We'll try again.
I am holding off on sharing the cards Sharon made me for another post as I have to attend to my Gretel. The puppy has had a bit of a rough day. Back to the vet to get hers pain meds changed (they were causing some...ummm..."plumbing" issues) and have her checked over. Everything looks good, according to the vet, but the healing process is a bit harder now that her initial excitement, over being home, is over.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pay it Forward

I was just stopping by Margaret's blog: The French Bear, to leave a comment about some fabulous goodies she had made for another blog friend. Her post for today was called "Pay it Forward". I love this idea and am thrilled to participate! Margaret, by the way, is paying it forward after a visit at Karen's blog: Extroverted Introspection. Thanks to both ladies, for such a terrific idea!
Here's how it works: the first three people that leave a comment, along with their addresses etc. will receive a handmade goodie from me. All you have to do is put this link on your blog and do the same for the first three people that leave comments for you. Let's see how far we can pay it forward. Let the fun begin :-)
***"Where is the link?", you are probably asking. Your guess is as good as mine! I am just hopeless when it comes to blogger bells & whistles. I am hoping that Margaret will give me some guidance with this. The "rules" should still work, though. The first three people, to leave a comment, will get a surprise from me. Then it's your turn to pay it forward. Has everyone seen that wonderful movie??? It's a definite must-see! The concept is one I try to implement as often as possible. We don't have any toll roads, in CT, but I (almost) always pay for the car behind me when I happen upon a tollbooth. I
also love it when they sell fund raiser lottery tickets outside of the grocery store (local volunteer fire dept, etc.). I purchase several tickets and ask the people at the table to give them out to others who stop by to buy a chance for a prize. What are some ways you give to others, expecting nothing in return?
There is still "room" for more Pay it Forward participants, as two of the comments were left by Margaret....who is already doing her own P.I.F. and one was left by my big sis :-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bills, Bills & More Bills

I am, normally, so excited to cozy down in front of my computer when I am beginning a new post. Not so much this time! I'll try to make this as quick and painless, for myself, as possible. As I have mentioned, repeatedly, the vet bills to get Gretel fixed are through the roof. Obviously, I hadn't planned well for this kind of (near) catastrophe. Being unemployed is a mixed blessing right now: I'm able to be home with my pup while she heals, but that doesn't do much in the way of covering her medical costs. Like so many others who are in similar positions, I have been actively looking for employment and am hopeful that something will work out. In the meantime, I have realized just how much "stuff" I have that I neither use or need. If the vet accepted Prada shoes, as payment, I'd be all set :-) I spent quite a bit of time listing on ebay today and ask, humbly, that you take a moment to peruse my goodies. I know how tight budgets are right now, but I have some fabulous jewelry "up" right now. The watch, for example, was informally appraised, by my jeweler, for $2,500-$3,000. All of my listings are "Buy it Now" with a best offer option. I have been selling, on ebay, for years and have found that format works well for those buyers who are impatient (like me), but still enjoy the negotiating/ auction feel of a sale. I would be a lousy car salesman as I find this kind of self-promotion excruciation!
***I just realized that this is my 97th posting. Until I come up with a fabulous give-away for my 100th (
I know I don't have to do a give-away, but it's such a great way to celebrate), I'll keep adding a "P.S." to various posts. Is that cheating? I also wonder if I'm breaking some sort of blog record, with close to 100 posts in...what has it been...3-4 months!?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Swap Goodies!

I was absolutely THRILLED when my name was chosen as one of Monica's Easter swap partners and had such fun putting together a basket of goodies for her. The postal transit time between CT and Italy pushes my patience to the limit, but when her package arrived at my doorstep, it was well worth the wait! Her wrapping job is so beautiful that one is tempted to hold off on opening each package. I may have been tempted, but I am not stupid :-) Inside were such beautiful, carefully selected treasures...all lovingly made by my thoughtful and very talented friend! I started the unveiling with the wonderful Easter card, in which Monica gave me a bit of background information on several of the presents. I was in tears before I even removed a single bow on the packages. Monica, by the way, ties bows that would have Houdini struggling to get through...adds to the anticipation! Prior to taking pictures, this time, I chose the perfect spot for each item. The only exception is the adorable bunny she made, who is sitting in a metal basket that hangs from my kitchen window. I couldn't get the lighting right, so I plopped her on my comfy bed pillows for the photo session. The little, handpainted bell and trinket box have joined another bell, from Monica, on my dresser. The "Wish" bunnies are nestled in their egg, hanging on the curtain rod, in my bedroom. The nest, which Monica found in her garden...and is my absolute else? In the vintage birdcage I have in my living room. Once again, Monica, you demonstrate an uncanny ability to select the perfect gift. The morning the package arrived, I had been playing around with different items to put inside the cage: silk flowers, different types of greenery, candles, baubles & buttons, ribbons & lace. I got slightly frustrated with cage renovations and decided to leave it empty until I could find something that worked. I laughed so hard when I opened the bird's nest...utter perfection. I'm sure I've forgotten something....ohhhhhhh, the soap cone: a fun, whimsical cone filled with springy soaps...such fun! I love, love, love everything and am so very grateful for the friendship that has evolved all because of this fantastic forum. What an amazing thing it is to come together, in this "vast" arena (special smiles for you, Monica) and make such true friends!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's As Simple As That!

Caroline just got home. Gretel was clearly happier to see her than she has been anyone else. I took only one picture of the two of them, as I couldn't wipe the tears from my eyes, in order to focus the camera.Caroline checked the puppy over, gave her a hug and the picture was snapped right after she said: "Thank you, God, for leaving Gretel with us"!

Time Warp

I'll begin this posting by asking for a bit of patience and understanding if I appear to be a bit more scattered than usual...good luck, Gentle Readers :-)
The last 4 days have been the longest and most emotional I've faced in the last several years. First & foremost, my pup is turning out to be an absolute powerhouse in the recuperation department. While she still spends quite a bit of time resting her broken bones, she is able to bear weight on her legs and takes a few steps (with some support). The vet instructed me to "follow her lead" as far as her ability to increase mobility, but didn't expect her to be making this kind of improvement for a week or so. The sun was shining today and it was warm enough to spend some time outside, which both Gretel and I relished. She more than I, I'm certain, as she has been confined to a cage for the last 4 days.
My daughter has been with her dad this weekend, so she hasn't seen the puppy up and about. I'm sure she will be thrilled and, I pray, this will erase some of the nightmarish images she has embedded in her sweet little head!
The reality of the ordeal is slowly sinking in as I try to figure out how to pay Peter now that I've paid Paul. The vet bills, 80% of which needed to be paid upfront, were astronomical. I have not a single regret about doing whatever was necessary to get Gretel the medical care she required, but I was completely unprepared for the enormity of the bills that would ensue! One of the lessons here: pet insurance! A second lesson: it helps to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex-husband (my deepest gratitude, to my daughter's father, for his willingness to help cover the surgeon's bill)!