Saturday, March 14, 2009

Link Issues

I know I'm missing/ doing something stupid...
I have tried, every way imaginable (except, obviously, the right way) to add a link bar to my blog. It's not working, it's not working, it's not working!!!! I've gone to "Customize", hit the stupid gadget button, scrolled down to the poopy link section, copied & pasted the meaningless links, hit save, made sure (3 times) that I hit the blasted save thingy, crossed my fingers/ toes/ elbows, prayed out loud....
Get to the dreaded "View Blog" part and....same stupid blog with no links to other sites. Blah! UGH! I'm done...thanks for listenin' :-)

Oh my GOSH! I don't know HOW, but I decided to give it one more try, after I finished this posting. It worked...I don't know how it worked, but it did. I was actually able to add a link to my ebay stuff. Of course, I have no idea what I did or how to do it again, but I did it once...correctly...and that's enough for me...for now :-) WOOHOO!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boy

At 6:59 p.m. Lyrik James made his very dramatic entrance into the world. Right now I'm simply too tired to write much more than Mommy and baby are doing fine. It was a difficult labor with some terrifying complications at the end. Everyone made it through, though, with flying colors and that is all that matters now. After it was over, I'm thinking it's almost easier being the one on the table than the one at the side of the table, watching helplessly. I have never, in my life, heard a sweeter sound than when that precious baby boy finally let out his first cry...never!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crystal Stemware Help Needed

Honestly, the topics of my posts range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Suddenly, I'm treating Blogger as if it's "Ask Jeeves". On the off-chance that someone out there knows more than I (which shouldn't be difficult) about crystal....
I know that this glass is made by Cambridge, but I cannot, for the life of me, find the name of the pattern. It is a bit like Rosepoint...a bit like Chantilly...and a bit like 25 other Cambridge designs. I have scoured the internet, including Replacements, and am coming up empty-handed. Help?

Tomorrow I Play Mid-Wife!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the baby shower I threw for my best friend's daughter, Jessie. Tomorrow they are inducing labor and we will welcome "our" baby boy into the world. I was absolutely thrilled when the Mommy-to-be said she would like me to be there for the birth. Aside from the fact that it will be wonderful to be on the "other side" of the birthing process, I get to experience the miracle of birth from a new perspective. As if witnessing the birth isn't enough of an honor, the VERY soon-to-be Grandma asked me if I could spend Monday with Mommy and baby because she has to work. This will be their first day at home and Jessie is feeling a bit anxious. If I recall correctly, there will be very little for me to do. I will happily watch him sleep, carry him to Mommy for feedings and soak in every bit of that delicious newborn baby scent.

Thrify, Thrifty, Thrifty

There's so much to post about today, so I'll work my way backward...story of my life :-) I went to drop some things off at the thrift store up the street and was thrilled to find that they were having their huge, spring cleaning sale. When I say "huge", I mean HUGE!!!!! Whatever you can fit in a paper grocery bag is $5. The ladies who work there love me because I'm always bringing in bags of goodies and I'm fairly certain they get first dibs on the good stuff. They were very generous when they were packing my finds into the bags. The pictures show about a third of my "haul" (just in case anyone is wondering what I left out: a pair of brand new window treatments from Pottery Barn, a duvet cover for my bed, 3 framed pictures, a men's cashmere overcoat from Neiman Marcus, a spring jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch for my son and a slip-cover for my living room chair) and the grand total was $15! YAHOO! I absolutely LOVE the 3 copper molds I snagged. They've been in the shop all season, but I couldn't make myself pay $5 a piece and I never could narrow it down to just one. Today, I didn't have to :-) Once the wire baskets get a coat of spray paint, they'll be perfect for holding fresh fruits in my kitchen. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the funky chicken and the dalmations, but they were too cute to pass by.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aging Gracefully

How cool is this? I was blog surfing...a treat for finishing my resume revision...and came across a link for a site that ages pictures for free! All you do is upload a picture and they age it for you in seconds. Don't be surprised when you first get to the site and it's in Japanese. Hit the "English" button and have fun! I only gave myself a few minutes of playtime, so I randomly chose pictures to age. Just to give you an idea...
***Thank you, "Anonymous" for pointing out that I had not included the link to the site. OOPS!

Feelin' the (Blog) Love

To quote my teenage son: "You guys ROCK!". I needed to take a moment to thank you all, again, for the sweet messages/ emails you have sent me. General update on my dad: the doctors appear to have reached a conclusive diagnosis and decided on a definitive course of action...PHEW! It is NOT life-threatening, so he will (God willing) soon be on the road to recovery and back to his wonderfully perky self. WOOHOO!
I've been blessed to have made yet another fantastic "blog friend", Sharon. I stumbled across her blog, via Lynn's, and she is an amazingly talented....and I do mean artisan! After exchanging emails over the last few days, we had the opportunity to chat on the phone. Just as Lynn described, referring to her immediate connection with Sharon at the craft store, we gabbed away like two old school chums until she had to go make supper. Good thing because I need to finish up yet another revision of my resume :-) I have to admit, I had a moment's hesitation about "going public" with Sharon's creations because I know what a hit she will be with you ladies. That said, it's just not right for me to secretly covet her treasures. So, when you have a few minutes....go for a visit!

Leftover Coffee is My Friend

First and foremost, thank you ALL for the prayers and support r.e. my dad's health issues. It has helped more than you can imagine! I have a tendency, when life throws me a challenge, to keep a smile on my face so as not to burden others with my problems. The result is, I leave myself running around in my own head: which is one playground I should not be hanging out at, without a chaperone! A very wise friend often says: "A problem shared, is a problem halved". So true! Okay, back to coffee. Heidi has me on a roll with coffee left-over projects. While I was cleaning out my basement, last weekend, I came across boxes & boxes of blown eggs. I called my landlord to see if he wanted them for his kids (Easter projects). He laughed and told me his late Aunt Peg, in whose home I am living, would spend hours blowing out eggs from the farm, but (to his knowledge) she never did anything with them. Since my landlord still has easy access to all of the eggs he could ever use, courtesy of his 100+ chickens, he advised me to "toss them...they've probably been sitting down there for the last 15 years". Toss them, indeed! Into a bowl they went, with my left-over coffee (I really didn't need any more caffeine anyway) and they're now having a lovely bath du cafe! Because of their age, I think, some of them are turning a yummy speckled caramel, while others are transforming with a marbled pattern. I just love this kind of fun, (virtually) free project! I'd love to hear if you have any other uses for left-over coffee or similar projects!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prayers Please!

My dad is dealing with some very complicated health issues right now...complicated because the doctors can't pinpoint anything specific, so there are more questions than answers. I don't need to get into details (and wouldn't out of respect for his privacy), but your prayers would be greatly appreciated!!! I know how much my mom would/ will hate this, but I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and I know that there is strength in numbers. At the end of the day, it is in His hands...and I know that His plan is perfect. Right now, though, my little girl heart is aching for my dad to be okay!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Borrowed Project Idea

As soon as I saw this project idea on Heidi's blog, I knew I had to give it a try: leftover coffee, coffee filters & a string of white lights...what could be easier than that? Well, it wasn't too challenging, BUT my version looks a bit like a second graders when you hold it next to the art teacher's example. As I continually tell my kids: "You (I) tried your (my) best". Heidi, major kudos to you for patiently attaching all of those "flowers". I got tired of it after 7, so a friend did the last 3!!!

Setting the Record Straight

I have had several wonderful blog friends comment on how "organized" I appear to be. I mentioned my disastorous garage, in yesterday's post, but didn't want to horrify you/ embarrass myself by posting a picture. I just can't have you all thinking I am something I'm not...organized, so this should set the record straight :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meanwhile, Down in the Crypt

And, while Sammy was soaking up some rays, what was the Mom doing? Well, let's just say I was not basking in the sun, pondering the meaning of....mice. I spent much of the day down in the basement: organizing, purging & hoping the creepy crawlies were still hibernating! I got most of the bins labelled and put in their proper place. The garage is next, but I'm going to need a dumpster for that task!
***I did take pictures of the garage, but the mess is just too gruesome to post. I think I'll wait and do a before & after post :-)

It's Good to Be the Cat!

We were blessed with another warm, sunny day...WOOHOO! What does any normal, warm-blooded cat do during the first days of spring? Catnap, of course! Sam, who is getting old and has a tough winter, was loving life today.