Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cozy Corners

It dawned on me, today, that I haven't posted any pictures of our new home. I must confess: that is largely because I still have bins stacked throughout my living space and have run out of room to put things. I am aggressively purging, but (as I'm sure you will all agree) that takes time and my final adieus get a little drawn out. I realized I could easily photograph around the bis, thus creating the illusion of a neat & orderly abode. 'Course I blew that out of the water when I fessed up to the true state of clutter, but I'm nothing if not candid about my chaotic life :-)
Since I've already forgotten what cozy corners I photographed, the pictures will just have to speak for themselves.
I am now off to memorize the Sephora handbook. Tomorrow is my first day of training and, I must admit, I'm good and ready to get out of the house and venture out into the wide, wonderful world of grown-up people!

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

I just HATE when this happens: I go blog surfing, come across a fabulous idea that I decide to borrow, but can't remember whose blog it came from. I tried...I really, really tried to find the creative lady behind this wonderfully simple gift idea. After an hour of getting distracted by the other wonderfully simple gift ideas you all have come up with, I give! I simply cannot find the blog I was looking for, so I apologize to....?

She (who-shall...for now...remain-nameless) bought travel coffee mugs from the Dollar Tree store and transformed them...too cute! I ran down to my Dollar Tree & snatched the remaining mugs. The store manager, who knows me TOO well, said a woman had been in the day before and bought a case of the mugs. I wonder if she was inspired by the same beautiful blogger!

The project was SO easy, quick and budget-friendly. I removed the cup insert and used the template they included to trace the pattern onto scrapbook paper and wrapping paper. I added some ribbon to some of the cups, stickers to others...whatever I had on hand. The blogger, from whom I borrowed this idea, did monograms on her cups. I added a ribbon for wrapping and am going to pop Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks gift cards inside and have my daughter give them to her teachers for Christmas.

***Sidenote: Having taught for 11 years, I feel confident in speaking for MOST teachers...every thoughtful gift, from a student, is a cherished memento. That said, one can only accumulate so many "#1 Teacher...Grade A Teacher...Head of the Class Teacher" mugs before they lose some of their sentimental value. I always felt a deep appreciation for homemade gifts. Pair that with a gift card for coffee and you're bound to have a happy teacher!