Saturday, July 18, 2009


My second favorite thing about the beach...the smell of the salt air, the beach roses and the marsh grass take top the feel of the sand. There is something indescribably soothing about sifting dry sand through your fingers or feeling the waves bury your feet by the water's edge.

A Little R&R

To say that the last few weeks (months) have been hectic/ chaotic/ stressful is an understatement. Last Wednesday, my baby girl and I set out in search of some tranquility. There is one place, on earth, where I am 100% assured of recapturing serenity: the beach, in Old Lyme, CT, where I spent summers from my conception through my early adult years. I threw several bags in the CRV, grabbed the puppy and her crate and off we went, to spend a few days at Edge Lea. My aunt was gracious enough to welcome us, into her home, for this impromptu visit. Caroline and I spent two days relaxing and recharging our batteries. I took tons of pictures, so there will be more posts to follow, but wanted to share some of my favorites from the beach. Sidenote: I still haven't figured out how to stagger photographs & text (Dagnabit), so the pictures will have to speak for themselves.