Saturday, March 7, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I had to run over to Michael's (craft supplies) this afternoon. "Had to" is such a joke. Who am I kidding? Any excuse for a field trip to Michael's, works for me! After wandering the aisles for a little bit, I realized I truly didn't need anything...until I stumbled upon the soap making section. Uh oh. Big trouble! I have been wanting to make my own soaps for quite some time, but the process looked far too complicated for my liking. Time for a short-cut. I bought a few different, microwavable blocks of soap (olive oil, goat's milk & glycerin) and two sets of molds. I already had some essential oils at home. I had such fun making soap tonight and realized how inexpensive it is, when you consider paying $3.99-$5.99 for a bar of "specialty" soap. I took apart an old sachet and used the dried lavender in the lavender scented soaps. I like the natural look of those bars. Any recipes/ suggestions for things that work well with or in soaps, would be greatly appreciated!

Can it Be....Spring??????

I'm almost afraid to say it, for fear that we'll get hit with another Nor'easter tomorrow, was an absolutely glorious SPRING day!!! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping appreciatively and I was like an overly-caffeinated Tigger all day long. I know that this is the time of year (every year) we New Englanders lament that it has been the longest winter in the history of the world. This year, though, it's really is! I'm sure the meteorologist guys have pie charts and weather graphs that would dispute my claim, but what do they know? It has been LOOOOOOOONG!
Although I have a huge list of (inside) spring cleaning tasks to tackle, I just couldn't stay inside. I picked up pieces of broken planters/ pots that I forgot to move inside last fall, cleaned
up my gardens a bit and (only me!) got the hose out to melt away the one remaining pile of snow at the top of my driveway. I called three friends who, much to my consternation, agreed that I could not plant bulbs yet. I was advised to wait until I was sure there would be no more frost. Well, what if I am sure? Does it matter what the weatherman has to say about it???? REALLY! For once, I decided to heed the advice of the masses, lest my gardens fail to produce to their fullest glory. I suppose, since I've waited this long...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dad

My big sis sent us (the siblings) an email yesterday, expressing how proud she was to be the daughter of a man as wonderful as our dad. I didn't read her email until this morning, but it's not surprising that we're on the same page. Last night I was trying to describe my dad to a friend who has never met him. I went through the list of adjectives that are commonly applicable to my dad: honorable, hard-working, funny, loving, outgoing, patient, honest...All of those characteristics certainly describe my dad, but they fall so short in painting a complete picture of who he is as a man, a husband, a father, a "Granran" and a friend. It's like sketching the outline of a picture, then leaving the inside blank. As I was ineptly trying to express what an amazing man my dad is, I found myself saying: "I don't know of a single person who doesn't love/ like him". After reading my sister's email this morning, I thought more seriously about my statement. It's absolutely true: people just love my dad. Everyone...from the local lobsterman to the former mayor of Norwalk, heads of Fortune 500 companies to the gentlemen who sells mulch at the hardware store. Can you imagine? I'm sure, at some point in his life, there was someone whose toes he inadvertently stepped on...must have, though I can't think of a single example. I do my best, on a daily basis, to follow God's will for my life and "do unto others....", but I know I continually fall short. How many people can honestly say, about anyone they know: "He/ she is well-liked and well-respected by everyone whose path they cross"???
A significant sidenote: my "dad" did not get that title through any contribution to my birth. He inherited my brother and me 32 1/2 years ago, when he married my mom. I had, at that time, a biological father. It has been the man I described above, however, who taught me what parenting is all about: loving unconditionally, administering healthy doses of tough love when necessary (and it was more necessary with me than with my 3 siblings combined :-) and...most importantly...always, always, always having a strong, sturdy outstretched hand to help us get up when our decision making wasn't quite right!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And the Winner Is...

The winner of my "Bits and Bobs" jewelry give-away is... Whispering Poppies! My son picked the name, although he clearly didn't understand or appreciate the significance of a blog give-away. If "Whispering" would kindly email me with your name/ address, your goodies will be on their way. Thank you to everyone who entered. Keep checking back as I'm on a spring cleaning roll (in spite of the winter weather) and I suspect another give-away id right around the corner :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Has Sprung...Yeah, Right!

Last week, I thought I could fool Mother Nature into bringing spring about a little early this year. I optimisticaly dragged my table and bench out from the garage and up the stairs to my front stoop. I hung my pretty, glass hummingbird feeder on my "Rose of Sharon" tree. Guess what? You really can't fool Mother Nature!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tag...I'm It!

what are you wearing now? work-out pants & top (sounds so much better than sweats), Tinkerbell t-shirt and pink slippers

favorite smell: newborn babies or the ocean

who was the last person you hugged?
my little girl

if you were a tree, what would you be? weeping willow

what's for dinner? left-overs

what was the last thing you bought? my new craft cupboard

what are you listening to right now? HGTV

what is your favorite weather and why? sunny & warm, because it's anything BUT that right now. UGH...6-10" of snow coming tonight!

what is on your bed side table? a pair of earrings, an empty water bottle, my alarm clock & a bookmark that should be IN my book

what is your most challenging goal right now? finding a job!

say something to the person who tagged you: I miss you and wish I was there to chat & bellylaugh

if you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? Anywhere would suffice

favorite vacation spot? Old Lyme

name the things you cannot live without God

what movies can you watch over and over? Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone With the Wind, Serendipity

if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
a warm, tropical beach..anywhere, as long as it's warm

who is the most interesting person you have ever met? Kallif (a former student of mine)

RULES: I am SUCH a rule-breaker, so I'm re-writing this part. The rules are: there are no rules :-) If you read this and feel inspired/ compelled to join the game, please do. If not,'ve learned some things you may or may not have wanted to know about me :-) The real rules: ~Remove one question you don't like, replace it with one of your own choosing ~Answer the questions on your blog and "tag" eight other bloggers.

I think those are the real rules anyway. If you don't like them, make your own & just have fun :-)