Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night on the Town

I am normally not a huge fan of "bubble dresses". I tend to gravitate toward more classic styles and this particular design feels a bit too trend-of-the-day for my taste. When I saw this dress at Consignment Originals, however, the vibrant color and silky fabric were simply too enticing for me to pass it by. When I tried it on at home (more often than not I break the "ALWAYS try it on before you buy" rule...particularly with consignment items that can't be returned. My rebellious nature at work!), I was SO pleased that I didn't pass this beauty by. It looks pretty darn good!

Eliza J: royal blue cocktail dress~ $5.80 (Retail: $138)

Retail Cost: $138
My Total Cost: $5.80
Savings: 96%


LOVE this retro-60's look! I would pair this fabulous dress with a pair of black tights and ankle boots.

Max Studio: geometric dress~ $5.20 (Retail: $198)

Retail Cost: $198
My Total Cost: $5.20
Savings: 97%

Friday, October 21, 2011

Boho Chic

This is one of my favorite...and most exciting...finds from Consignment Originals. The top is very flowing and feminine. I saw the embroidered jeans (Zac Posen for 7 For All Mankind) and thought they were fun & flirty, but nearly fainted when I discovered the original retail cost! Normally, I wouldn't spend more than a few dollars for previously owned jeans, but these are really unique and the retail cost inspired me to stretch my typical spending limit.

Tramp: lavender peasant top~ $2 (Retail: $68)
Zac Posen: "Havana" embroidered jeans~ $6.40 (I still can't get over this, but there were only 250 pairs made, exclusively for Neiman Marcus. Retail: $700...Yup, you read correctly...$700!)

Retail Cost: $768
My Total Cost: $8.40
Savings: 99% WOOHOO!!!

Transitional Fall Outfit

I bought all of these pieces at Consignment Originals. This is a terrific "transitional" outfit (Translation: it can carry you over through those in-between times, when the seasons change, by adding a piece for a layered effect). The top and skirt, worn with a pair of sandals or flats, are perfect for the spring/ summer months. For the fall, I would add the jacket and a pair of tights & boots. The vibrant coral color works perfectly for the warmer weather and the neutral khaki jacket tones it down a bit for the fall.

Max Studio: coral sleeveless top~ $1.60 (Retail: $79)
J Crew: coral floral print, A-line skirt~ $2.40 (Retail: $138)
Old Navy: tan cotton peacoat~ $1.60 (Retail: $68)

Retail Cost: $285
My Total Cost: $5.60
Savings: 98%

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Direction

In my typical "here today, gone tomorrow" style, I have...once again...allowed life's busyness to overcome my ability to put "me time" anywhere on the list of daily to-do's. Thus, my absence from blogland. Also typical of me, the absence of these connections leaves a distinct void in my daily routine. Don't get me wrong: I ADORE my husband (and can hardly believe that we're creeping up on our first anniversary), my step-daughter fills my heart with joy (and lots of laughter) and my own children (the ones I birthed) are adjusting beautifully to the wonderful town we now call home: Cheshire, CT. Segue to my new adventure...
One of the first things I set out to do, in Cheshire, was to scout out the local thrift/ consignment shops. Surprise, surprise! Fortunately, I didn't have far to look. There is THE most fabulous consignment shop right around the corner from our house: aptly named, "Consignment Originals". I personally think that's a bit of a misnomer and would rename it "Soup to Nuts Consignments" if anyone was seeking my humble opinion...which they're not. At any rate, Consignment Originals carries EVERYTHING you would find in a Salvation Army or Goodwill, with a few MAJOR differences: they are HIGHLY selective about what they accept, the store is organized & clean and the staff is fairly knowledgeable about the stock they carry. There are some other terrific, local places to hunt for treasures, but it looks like this post is leaning toward being a CO devotional.
With the economy showing little evidence of a dramatic turnaround, I've really noticed an influx of people willing to put aside their prejudices against second hand shopping, in lieu of jumping on the "less is more" (when it comes to spending money) bandwagon. IT'S ABOUT TIME! Anyone who knows me, even casually, will attest to the fact that I wouldn't abandon the thrill of bargain hunting for anything. An aside: I'd be happy to put that proclamation to the test by volunteering to win the Powerball jackpot of 148 million dollars this Saturday!
I must admit that I practice a bit of reverse snobbery when I see these articles or news segments on high-end fashions for less and am scoffing at the "amazing finds" they pull together for "only a few hundred dollars". I am fairly confident that I could outfit my entire family of five, for at least a season, for less than $300. Okay, realistically...not counting shoes, but that's primarily due to the fact that neither my husband nor my children relish the idea of slipping their puddies into footwear that has been gently loved by someone else.
I thought I'd shift the focus of my blog ramblings (was there ever truly a set focus to my blog???) to some of my fashion finds.

All of the outfits in the picture were from Consignment Originals. The total retail cost (approximately) is just under $2,200. What did I pay, you might be asking yourself? Less than $50!