Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Withdrawal

Apparently, some people (and you know who you are) have nothing better to do than randomly commit senseless acts of computer espionage against innocent, unsuspecting bloggers. Last week I was enthusiastically perusing a variety of websites for a new background for my blog. Unbeknownst to me, someone on one of the sites was waiting, in ambush, to pounce ferociously on my PC. I began to get pop-ups to purchase virus protection programs, which I politely declined. After several "hits", I realized that my virus protection software was disabled. All attempts to enable it failed and I started getting pop-ups warning me: "McAfee can't stop this". Pretty eerie, but what followed was downright frightening. My computer screen began a slide show of skulls & crossbones,serpents & dragons...followed by a complete crash of my system. No need to consult a specialist to find out why I was haunted by dreams of snipers all night!

Fortunately, my best friend is a computer GENIUS and was willing to come to my rescue, with an arsenal of de-bugging stuff in tow. Alas, the evil infestation was not to be exorcised so easily. After 3 days of futile attempts, we admitted defeat and Glenn took my hard-drive back to computer central to wipe it out and reinstall the necessary operating systems. He kindly lent me his extra hard-drive in the interim.

What, may I ask, do these people have to gain from this kind of computer vandalism? I suppose they get enough people who fear this kind of technological hostage situation enough that they are willing to give them their credit cards, with the hope that the attack will end. Not this Cowgirl! I truly missed this forum and have happily catching up on my favorite blogs.

Lest the PC violators are still lurking about, I will safely stick with my rather boring, but safe, blog background. So THERE!

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