Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Fence

There are those "win some" projects, there are those "lose some projects" (case & point: my wart eggs), and there are some projects that you're just not sure about. This wreath falls into the third category. I love the combination of turquoise and earth tones, so I decided to do a wreath with buttons, beads and small stones. I finished it a few days ago and keep eyeballing it, not sure if I like it (it's definitely not a piece that I love) or hate it (in which case, I'm pulling it sense wasting my bits & baubles). In spite of the fact that I love the color combination, it doesn't match anything in my least not at the moment (subject to change on a whim). Keep or dismantle and start again...any thoughts?


  1. First, I'd remove the costume brooch... it is not perfectly matching.
    Then you'd have to completely cover it, adding MANY other buttons and baubles... and you might finished it off with a simple brown satin ribbon bow on one side.
    Terrific color combo! Love it!

  2. I also love turquoise and brown together. One of my favorite color combinations. I think you should add more turquoise, take off the brooch (too fancy for this, but would be gorgeous on something else), then maybe use some ribbon or maybe a much larger button or bauble to top off where the brooch was. Where ya gonna put it when you're done? Do you sew? Be charming for someone who sews. Wish I knew how and had the time.

  3. You know... it DOES match the colours of your blog!!! =)

  4. Hi Kim, I agree with Monica, take the brooch off, add a nice satin ribbon bow with it's own hanger, maybe just a few more buttons? I think it just needs tweaking!! Or keep the brooch and add more rhinestones to give lots of sparkle.... never mind listening to me, I am just babbling, it will be fine no matter what you do!!!
    Margaret B

  5. If you add more buttons, a fancy ribbon in place of the brooch and weave the ribbon under some of the buttons, I could send you a couple of tourquoise pieces to hang from the center? Let me know! I think I agree with all the other girls, it just needs MORE...sharon

  6. Hello from Canada..and I say its a keeper!!! All the best, Chrissy