Monday, May 4, 2009

Projects Nearly Forgotten

This morning I realized that the majority of my recent posts have been about flowers, kids and/ or kittens. Lest ye think my creative juices have dried up, I will share some projects I've been working on the last few weeks. An aside: for me, creating is something I must do, in order to maintain a semblance of serenity, in my life. If I am feeling "off", it is most likely that one (or both) of two things have been put on the back burner: 1.) spending time with God and 2.) spending time crafting. As soon as I remedy those missing pieces, my topsy turvy life rights itself. Now, if I could remember that lesson before I get all turned inside out, it'd be smooth sailing!
Okay, projects...
I've been really into making tags and collages. Both feed my need for immediate gratification. I work on several, at a time, and am able to move freely, from one to another, as I complete specific steps. Idle hands just don't work for me...and waiting for pesky, but necessary, things (drying times, etc.) drives me batty! My pictures are not up to par today...sorry. It's gray & gruesome out, so I had to use the flash. Oh NOOOO, the dreaded flash!
I'm thinking this is going to be a multiple post day. I'll attend to mundane chores, then reward myself with some blog time. A good plan, I think. I'll share my vintage sewing/ knitting stand revamp after I put the laundry away.


  1. Your projects look so pretty...Love the tags and the collages are amazing too...I haven't made to much of anything..I need to get on a roll(hehe)... I've been doing alot of yard work, which I hate... Hope all is well..

  2. Those are absolutely wonderful! I love making tags. Such great collages, too.

  3. Your tags are so cute, I love all of the pretty ribbons you used. Tags are a nice quick (sometimes) creative fix when you want to make a little something. I have not make anything lately. Our puppy and the spring garden have kept me pretty busy. I kept buying more flowers to plant, I just can't get enough of them. Have a wonderful weekend.