Sunday, November 23, 2008

Latest Business Endevour

Given the frequency that I...and many other grabbing a baseball cap for a quick trip to the grocery store, hauling the kids to sports practice or simply to camouflage a bad hair day, I started brainstorming about how to add a bit of flair to the standard cap. My love for all things romantic, vintage & whimsical was the inspiration for my new creations. I started with plain, baseball caps (assorted colors) and added vintage jewelry, lace, ribbons & beads. The "flavor" of each hat is unique, depending on my mood and the personality of the cap, as I create.

The baseball caps have gotten such positive responses, when I wear one, but I have not yet gathered the courage to "go public". This feels like a safe place to test the waters. Any/ all constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!


  1. i think you should sell them on ebay; they're great!

  2. I really like 3 of them: the one on the very top left, and the two that are in the 2nd row from the bottom. They're minimalistic but really cute :). They have a nice feminine flair without being too much.