Sunday, November 30, 2008

"The Shack"

I just closed the last page on this book and knew I had to write a blog entry before the memory of how it has impacted me begins to fade. Oh, that is already underestimating the powerful effect this story has had on me.
Mom, if you're reading can stop right now. I'm about to get into the "God thing".
My best (guy) friend, Glenn, let me borrow this book and told me: "This is right up your alley". He also emailed me an article, which briefly outlined the story and highlighted the controversy this book is causing in "the church". That was enough incentive, being the irreverent child I am, to up the intrigue ante.
From the first paragraph of the Foreward, this book had me tight in its grip. It took me several weeks to finish, however, because I didn't want to get to the final sentence. As the story unfolded, both my mind and my heart were filled with hopes/ ideas of how it would/ should further unravel...and how it would end. I believe I was 1/2 way through when I, subconsciously, turned my preconceived notions over to the story...and let God tell it the way I was meant to hear it.
The theological debates over the biblical validity of "The Shack" are of absolutely no importance to me, whatsoever. I heed no warning to the churches' admonishings that this story is "dangerous". If I have to declare my faith, in a conventional manner, I am a Christian. There is, in my humble opinion, nothing in this book that challenges my belief system. It is all about God: at least, the God I know and love.
Regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are...or are not...this book is amazing. It is as far from a bible-thumping, convert-to-one-way-of-thinking-or-spend-eternity-in-damnation story as you will find. What it is.... too big for me to put into words. That, alone, should tell you something!

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