Friday, November 21, 2008

Toe Confusion

My mom would have my head if she knew I was blogging about her doctor's appointment, but 1.) I doubt she even knows what a "blog" is, 2.) she's in Florida and I'm in Connecticut and 3.) I'm too big to spank/ ground/ lock in my room. Let's keep this on the "QT" anyway, though, shall we?

Mom just sent out an email, with the following...cracked me up!

I just got back from an app't with an Orthopedic Dr. My big toe has been so painful all week that I could barely walk. After examining me and discussing symptoms, he eliminated gout and broken bone and figured it must have been somehow injured. That, after much back and forth. On the way out of the examining room I looked at the slip of paper he'd given me for the receptionist, and said
"Can you really use "toe confusion" as a diagnosis?" He laughed and said "It says toe CONTUSION!" We howled all the way down the hall!! toe barely hurts anymore:-)

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