Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It's amazing to me, how our children can, with so little effort, deflate whatever perception of "cool" we might might have thought we've developed over the years. Maybe other moms/ dads will appreciate my latest experience with ego-deflation, at the hands of my 13 year old. Or, maybe, this is a memory I can share with my son, in the future, when his child sticks a pin in his ego! Either way, it's my blog and I can share what I choose to :-)

My 7 year old daughter was watching cartoons this morning and called her brother in, as a catchy commercial came on. Evidently, this was an "inside" thing because they both knew all the words to the jingle and had choreographed several moves to accompany the ad. Not being one to miss out on some early morning fun (and the opportunity to share a lighthearted moment in my children's world), I joined in...well, I did my best to emulate. The Pavlovian response, from my two darlings: a perfectly timed, in unison "
Mommmmmmm, STOP!". So much for my spontaneous attempt to add to the levity. With a mild case of bruised pride, I reminded my kids what a cool/ fun mom I am. My son's response and the audible "Pfffffft" of my sense of cool/ fun speak for themselves: "Mom, if I planned a whole day of wouldn't be anywhere in it!" That sassy bugger laughed himself silly as he headed out the door.

I'm beginning to understand why my mother derives such great joy from her grandchildren....payback time!

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  1. like when my kids were little and i'd try so hard to sing a little song for them and they'd say, "mom, don't sing!"