Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Has Sprung...Yeah, Right!

Last week, I thought I could fool Mother Nature into bringing spring about a little early this year. I optimisticaly dragged my table and bench out from the garage and up the stairs to my front stoop. I hung my pretty, glass hummingbird feeder on my "Rose of Sharon" tree. Guess what? You really can't fool Mother Nature!


  1. WOW! What a snowfall over there, Kimberly!
    Yesterday I planted some roses, there are primroses, snowdrops and even early violets in the garden... I also saw a yellow butterfly.... I wish I could send her your way!!!

  2. holy cow! how much did you get? it is supposed to be WARM here this weekend - I have to drive Ben to a bball game an hour away on Sat. morning - starts at 9, then if they win, they play at 1, then if they win that, they play at 3 - could be a long day and i hope we'll get to enjoy some of the warm air and sunshine - hope you get some soon!!! you can always plow out of there and head south to see us!!! open invitation!