Saturday, March 7, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I had to run over to Michael's (craft supplies) this afternoon. "Had to" is such a joke. Who am I kidding? Any excuse for a field trip to Michael's, works for me! After wandering the aisles for a little bit, I realized I truly didn't need anything...until I stumbled upon the soap making section. Uh oh. Big trouble! I have been wanting to make my own soaps for quite some time, but the process looked far too complicated for my liking. Time for a short-cut. I bought a few different, microwavable blocks of soap (olive oil, goat's milk & glycerin) and two sets of molds. I already had some essential oils at home. I had such fun making soap tonight and realized how inexpensive it is, when you consider paying $3.99-$5.99 for a bar of "specialty" soap. I took apart an old sachet and used the dried lavender in the lavender scented soaps. I like the natural look of those bars. Any recipes/ suggestions for things that work well with or in soaps, would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have been making my soaps for years now... I just love to have something 'special' to use and to give as gift... I love putting into them a lot of things- you can't believe, KIWI FRUIT is one of my very favorites!!!!!!And it comes out pale green... such a delicate Spring color!!!I can give you the 'recipe' if you want...
    Monica xo.

  2. Those look lovely! The glycerin bars are such a pretty color. I've never made my own soaps before (for the very same reason you stated). Plus, whenever I go to the craft store, I ALWAYS buy more than I need! lol I'm like a man in a car shop or hardware store! lol

  3. How ironic. Just Friday I was at a craft store here and thought about buying the stuff to make my own soap too! I thought it would be too hard for me to do. Now I think I'll go back and give it a try. Hope you get lots of comments/suggestions so I can use them too.