Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad Blog-Girl!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday! Since I joined this wonderful community, I have to hold myself back from over-posting, lest I lose the interest of my followers. Fortunately/ unfortunately there has been nothing monumental that is to blame for my absence. My days have simply been busy. Given the alternative (famine, flood, fire or pet catastrophe), I am grateful for plain, old "busy"! However, now that I'm comfortably seated, at my computer, that familiar urge to share every, mundane detail of my life is back. I sense this will be a multiple-post day, friends.
I absolutely have to start with a HUGE, public thank you to Margaret, The French Bear, for the amazing gifts she sent me for participating in her "Pay it Forward" event. I have been drooling over Margaret's creations ever since I was introduced to her blog via Monica's (The White Bench). When Margaret invited her readers to join in her "Pay it Forward", I was all over it :-) Not only do I LOVE the concept, but (not-so-secretly) I was so excited to have one of Margaret's beautiful creations for my very own. When the package arrived, a few days ago, I was beyond thrilled! Of course, everything was wrapped beautifully and I opened everything with great care.
***Note: I have learned, thanks to you ladies, how to practice a bit of patience when it comes to unwrapping gifts. Typically, I am a tear-into-it, get-to-the-good-stuff kind of girl!
Margaret made me the most lovely collage, combining elements that I never, in a million years, would have thought to put together: pale blue journal paper, speckled eggs, burgundy rose ribbon....simply (nothing simple about it, actually) stunning! I am so impressed by those of you who let your creative juices flow freely. I tend to be very one-dimensional when it comes to expressing myself creatively. Margaret also made me the sweetest "Welcome Spring" nesting box...yes, there is a nest with speckled eggs inside. Attention to details???? I've made four attempts to describe the intricacies of this piece (deleted them all, obviously), so I will rely on my pictures to illustrate what I cannot put into words. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Margaret. Small words for the gratitude I feel!


  1. Margaret's creations are simply STUNNING and perfect! I LOOOOVE them all!
    She's such a wonderful artist!

  2. Thank you girls for your sweet and generous comments, although I think that there is a lot of talent amongst us all!!!! Have a super Easter my dear friends!!!
    Hugs and warm wishes,
    Margaret B

  3. Wow, Everything looks so pretty...I love how everyone wraps things so pretty...I'm like you I alway rip things open..But when I get things from blogland. I alway admire the pretty wrapping...Happy EAster...

  4. Beautiful wrapping - something I was never very good at - I'll have to take some notes here... and by the way - why don't you come to savannah for the filming?