Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Puppy Power

Thank you, Lynn, for your continued concern about Gretel. She's doing so well and is getting more bold every day, which thrills me to no long as she doesn't consider going a few more rounds with another mini-van! I was FINALLY able to bathe Miss Stinkpot the other day and she's even easier to love now that she doesn't smell like...well, like a dog who's been hit by a car, undergone surgery, and been without a bath for nearly a month. She and I had some playful lovin' time 2 nights ago and my son actually asked where my camera was so he could take pictures. Two of his least favorite things: being my photographer and the dog! To his credit, he has softened toward the pup, since her accident. They'll never be the best of pals, but she gets an overabundance of love/ affection from his sister and me!
***I REFUSE to acknowledge the fact that there is a bunch of white stuff, falling from the sky (as I type this), that looks suspiciously like S*#@W!


  1. In the picture of "Puppy Love" she is sticking her tongue out at us Or maybe that is a kiss to us? I am sooo glad she is doing better. SO cute. sharon

  2. Sahron~ I hadn't even NOTICED that she was sticking her tongue out. TOO funny. I'm going with the kisses for everyone theory :-)

  3. Cute and sweet!!So glad she is better... pheww...
    Hugs to you both,

  4. Awww, thanks Kimberly for letting us know about lil Miss Stinkpot! Love the before and after photos, too!
    That's sweet that your son wanted to take photos. He probably secretly loves on her when no one is looking!

  5. What is it about April showers in NE? Have a great day!