Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'd love to blame this gigantic faux-pas on the Blogger poltergeist, but this time I have to fess up and own my mortifying blunder. A few weeks ago, I was THRILLED when LuLu (Coastal Sisters) contacted me about winning her Pomander Ball give-away. I am a HUGE admirer of LuLu's creations, so this was an extra special treat. When the pomander arrived, it far surpassed my wildest expectations (the pictures didn't begin to do it justice) and it matches the colors, in my bedroom, perfectly. I meant to (and seriously thought I had) post about it immediately. As I was just "window shopping" on LuLu's website, I came across a lovely magenta pomander she is selling and had that sinking "Ohhhhh Nooooo" feeling, in the pit of my stomach. I poured through my older postings and realized that I had, in fact, written a post about LuLu's beautiful my own head! I had to make a public confession and am now off to chomp on a massive slice of humble pie, in a private email to sweet LuLu.


  1. Miss Kimberly~

    You are too cute! I am so glad you loved this and no need for humble pie :) Thank you so much for your sweet comments. You are truly a treasured client and dear friend :)


  2. I am on my over there right......NOW!


  3. i do stuff like that all the time --