Friday, June 12, 2009

I Can Handle 8!

I know, I know...I haven't posted in FOREVER, but today is my baby girl's 8th birthday and she deserves some blog love! It's funny how specific birthdays "hit" you more strongly than others. With both of my children, the 6th seemed like a HUGE milestone and I felt the acute pangs of their youth moving too quickly. I was fine with 7...and 8 is far. Although...Caroline has already started negotiating an appropriate age for dating. DATING?????? I can scarcely stand the fact that my 14 year old son likes some girl and he won't tell me her name!
I digress. Today it's all about my feisty, independent, sassy daughter. Before she (technically) entered this world, Caroline had her own agenda and had me jumping through hoops to keep up. I had some pre-term labor issues, beginning at 25 weeks. I was more prepared the second go-round, as I'd gone through the same with my firstborn. Still, it was a daily effort to keep my legs clamped tightly shut...lest she slip out too early...and follow dr's orders. That, coupled with dozens of false alarm trips to the hospital, made for a very long pregnancy. Naturally, when we were out of the danger zone time period, she settled right down and made herself comfy cozy. As my due date approached, I tried all of the ridiculous, labor-inducing old wives tale tricks: rose hips tea, spicy foods, bumpy car rides...and yes...castor oil. NOT something I would recommend to anyone, regardless of how high your level of impatience might be. The result certainly feels like the beginning stages of labor, can I put this delicately...your body expels everything but the baby! Not so delicate, huh? Sorry 'bout that :-) In spite of my best efforts to get to the "meet and greet" portion of motherhood, it was between Caroline and God as to when that would happen. My ob/ gyn had warned me, repeatedly, not to wait too long to get to the hospital, after labor started. Because of the pre-term labor and the fact that she was all but poking a hand out to wave hello, he was seriously concerned that I would birth her during the 3 minute ride to the hospital. When my labor started, her dad and I did heed his warning and scooted off to labor & delivery at a rather speedy pace. No need to rush, as it turned out. My little imp kept us waiting another 23 hours before she decided to introduce herself in person.
And so it goes....that's my Caroline. The old "apple doesn't fall far..." adage is about as accurate as you can get with my sweet girl. I only pray I can manage to stay one or two steps ahead of her as she grows up. Better put my running shoes on!
The pictures I am sharing are older ones because I have lost my camera! We are in the process of moving (across town) and I can't find my camera anywhere. I'm sure it's buried in a box somewhere...along with my cell phone charger, my son's history book and numerous other items of great importance.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl. My oldest daughter's name is Caroline too!


  2. Kim, Happy Birthday to Caroline!!!! She is lovely and looks like a charmer too!!!! Little miniature of her Mama!!!
    Have a great weekend, between moving and birthday parties!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Caroline!!What a beautiful young lady you are!
    Have a great weekend...sounds very exciting and BUSY!
    Take care of yourself, sweet Kimberly! How are the kitties?


  4. Happy Birthday Caroline!!! With tons of love from Aunt Kim, Robbie and Ben :-)

    GREAT post!

    miss ya!

  5. Happy birthday to sweet Caroline!!! Blog love to you too!!

  6. Happy birthday to your pretty little girl!

    Also, stopping in to leave you the Kreative Bloggers award. Just wanted you to know that I think you're a very Kreative Blogger!

    Have a great Thursday!

  7. HI
    I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)

    Your daughter is so cute and your profile picture is sooo pretty!!!