Friday, July 3, 2009

Lost My Marbles...and Everything Else!

Here I go, feeling like the new kid on the playground again. Jumping back into the blog fray isn't as simple as it ought to be, after a...what?...3 week absence. Jiminy Cricket...can it be that long??? "Where have you been?", my one or two very patient (remaining) blog friends might be wondering.

Moving! Doesn't make a bit of difference that I only moved 6 minutes down the road. Moving is moving. For anyone who has ever packed up and moved 43 years worth of accumulated stuff, 'nuff said! For you fortunate friends who haven't, I have one bit of advice: DON'T! Not terribly realistic, so here's some follow-up wisdom: do not....I NOT do it in bits and pieces! Coral as many friends/ neighbors/ random strangers as you can and just do it in one fell swoop: Bonsai-style! Packing and moving a few boxes at a time may seem like a good idea, but it makes the process interminable and utterly unbearable.

Finally, though, my computer is up and running. I even managed to find my camera and take some pictures of the mass of boxes/ bins we are trying to call "home". It felt so good to snap pictures of my mess, knowing a matter of minutes...I would be merrily sitting at my now functioning computer to share them with you. NOT SO MUCH! The cord that attaches my camera to the computer is lost in the moving abyss, along with my cell phone charger (still), most of my underwear, the remote to the dvd player and a plethora of assorted necessities. Yes, yes...I know I'll find it. I'm just growing weary of having my full-time job be that of a professional lost & found artist.

I have missed you all and can't wait to spend time catching up on your blogs. That is the dangling carrot that will inspire me to keep on, keepin' on :-)

Hugs to you all!!!


  1. I am so glad to see you back in Blogland!! You have been missed!


  2. I missed you so, Miss Kimberly!!!I totally agree with you about moving~~I hate.IT!!In my fantasyworld, my next move would all taken care of...movers packing just about everything, no headaches about money, scheduling transfers,drinking mimosas by the pool....I did say FANTASY~~lol!
    Just take your time, at least it is summer time now, so no school, right?
    Happy to know you are ok...and amongst us again~~~

  3. I was wondering where you were and hoping everything was okay. Glad you'll soon be back in full swing with pictures and the works. Hopefully, you'll find all your things when the unpacking is finished.

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  5. I was wondering where you have been and how you are doing. I miss your funny posts. I have moved a few times and it is hell, no matter how you do it !! I hope you get everything back to normal soon for your own sanity. It always takes a while. Looking forward to more witty posts ! have a great weekend.

  6. oh, who needs underwear? visit my blog for your old favorite - brie and pasta! makes me think of you -

    miss ya tons,


    ps love the marble shot!

  7. hey - i was finally on a par with you with 21 followers til i realized i was following MYSELF - what a loser (now deleted!)