Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the Winner is....OOPS!!!!!

I need two volunteers please: one to hold my shoulders still and the other to screw my head on straight. I completely spaced out and forgot to choose a winner for my mink coat give-away! That has got to be the biggest blog DUH ever!

By way of explanation (no excuses) I've been housebound with my flu-infested (how gross does that sound?) daughter for the last few days. I'm not an alarmist when it comes to my normally healthy kids, but even the most laid-back mom would do a double-take when the thermometer reads 104.4. After a very necessary trip to the pediatrician, it seems the flu turned into a double ear infection, a severe sinus infection and possible pneumonia. The dr. skipped the chest x-rays because she'd already decided to start pumping my baby full of antibiotics. At least, this time, I have a viable reason for my ditziness.

Thank you, LuLu, for popping over and reminding me. Without further adieu, the winner is....LuLu! God as my witness, I did not fix that. My son randomly picked the name from my hand. No need for a hat as there were just two names to choose from :-) Congratulations, LuLu, and thank you again for getting me back on track.


  1. Wow, how did I miss that one!!!!? I must have been sleeping for sure, that would make for some fine bears!!!
    I am happy that LuLu won it, she'll have it decorated or something fab in no time!!!! Congratulations to her!
    Margaret B

  2. Okay, I vow to never take a vacation from visiting around again. I totally missed this. Congratulations to LuLu! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  3. HA! Glad I'm not the only one to forget things, my friend!! ;))
    Hope sweet Caroline is better now.
    Hugs to you both,

  4. Dearest Kimberly~

    You are so darling :)

    I am thrilled to have won the coat and that it's coming from YOU! It must have been Serendipity!

    I hope your daughter is getting better my dear.

    Love to you,

  5. Kimberly, Stumbled upon your blog thru my friend lulu. I had to see who's giving away mink coats..lol I actually own a real leopard coat that I purchased at a estate sale about 15 years ago...I have since then stop making purchases like that. Hope your daughter is doing well and I know how it is to be a single mom. I will come and visit again because I like your blog. Visit me whenever you like...