Friday, September 25, 2009


Go figure....I finally get my computer hooked up, at the new place, and my system suffers a near fatal crash. Thanks to my 14 year old son, who was...ummm...being a curious adolescent BOY! Can all of you moms, with teenage boys, join me in a collective cry: "EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Fortunately, my best friend, Glenn, is a computer genius and is working diligently to fix whatever ails my machine. Glenn reminded me that it's been ages since I mentioned him, so I'll give credit where credit it due. Considering he built me my computer, for my 42nd b-day, credit is actually way overdue! He's the bomb-diggity, devastatingly handsome, has a rapier wit and is one of the few people who I can always count on to tell it like it is. Okay, now that he's no longer looking over my shoulder, I can add: I hope he'd hurry up and fix my flippin' computer!!! Since I am writing this post on Glenn's laptop and can't access my pictures....Ladies, this is Glenn. Glenn, these are my blog buddies :-)


  1. Hey Glen....thanks for being so helpful to Kimberly! I'm sure it's well appreciated ~
    Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Oh, you are so lucky to have someone to help you. A crashing computer is our worst nightmare.

    What a lovely blog. So nice to meet you. I will get that Destination Serendipity right out to you tomorrow. You know when I was working on this today, I thought I bet this message is meant for someone special. It must be you. I am so happy to find your blog. Thank you again for your order.


  3. Hi Kimberly!!
    So happy to see you posting again. Oh I hate it that you had such a turbulent summer. The good thing is that it is over!
    So happy you have Glenn to help you with your 'puter' woes! Hi Glenn!

    Take care and stop by soon!

    Lynn ♥

  4. Hiya Glenn, nice to meet you!!!!
    Margaret B