Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fit For a Queen

***Disclaimer*** The title for this post is stupid and really not at all "fitting". Forgive me, gentle readers as I try to recoup some of my wit and's been a while!
Following our most recent move (did I mention that this is the second move in THREE months???), I've had to replenish some of my basic household necessities (pots, pans, utensils, etc.). When move #1 took place, I foolishly got rid of any duplicates...not anticipating...well, just not anticipating PERIOD. As my list of "to buy" items grew, I headed off to the Salvation Army. I managed to stick to my list...until I saw this 3-piece, antique Christening outfit hanging (misplaced) amongst the table linens. In spite of its very tattered and yellowed condition, I was hopeful that I could revive it. With the help of my landlady, who is a skilled seamstress and lives downstairs, we stitched the frayed seams together. Okay, she did the stitching while I supervised the process. Although I was a bit nervous the gown would fall apart, I soaked it in a bit of OxyClean and put it out to dry in the sun for several hours. My landlady had heard/ read somewhere that the sun would bleach white fabric if you lay it in the grass...on a towel, of course. Something about the way the grass metabolizes/ photosynthesizes/ something "sizes" the natural sunlight. Don't know...don't worked beautifully. All three pieces brightening to a very natural, antique white.
I originally had the ensemble displayed on a satin & lace hanger, but realized it would look adorable on my nameless teddy bear...who I still like to play dress up with. She really could use a name, now that I think of it. Any ideas? There I go, digressing again.
My creative juices have been moving at a snail's pace, but it felt SO good to have a little project to keep me occupied. Better still that I was satisfied with the outcome.

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  1. It is so beautiful, and look how white it came out!!! You are starting to sound like your old self, yeah!!!
    Margaret B