Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gainfully LAST!

I haven't spent any time lamenting about my job search woes because...well, my personal life woes are enough for all of you to tolerate. I have been without steady income, however, for almost a year. Suffice it to say, as a single mother of two, that's just not good. It has taught me some very important, albeit painfully humbling lessons about reaching out for help. Thanks to the support of my wonderful family, I have been able to keep my head above water...just barely. A few weeks ago, I applied for a job at Sephora, but I never heard back from them...which had become my expectation, given the current economy. Last Tuesday they called me for an interview, which (if I do say so myself) went beautifully. I'm one of those really weird people (OKAY, stop nodding your heads in agreement and let me finish!)...I'm one of those really weird people who enjoys interviewing. I think my lack of anxiety stems from 2 things: 1.) I pray first and put it in God's hands...which is where it is anyway, but He appreciates that acknowledgement anyway and 2.) I love meeting new people, so I try to focus on that aspect of the process. The manager called me back yesterday afternoon, asking if I was still interested. I stopped short of shouting, "You bet your sweet Sephora butt I am!!!". I start training next week and am SO excited. I think I'll really enjoy the job and I believe it's something I can do well at. It's only supposed to be for a seasonal position, but they told me it's very likely to extend beyond that, assuming I am a good "fit". I have to do that legwork, but that too is in God's hands. For now, I am simply grateful to have found a job! WOOHOO!


  1. Woo hooo is right, yeah I am soooo happy for you!!!!! I wish you lived here, I would hire you twice so I could pay you double!!!! Congratulations!!!!
    Margaret B

  2. WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOO Kimberly!!! Well done!!!!!!!!
    You know I love their products ;))
    What I like the best is that fabulous scent of good they have into their stores.... ohh, I am sure you'll do divinely!!!
    Hugs and love to you,

  3. YEAH!! Congrats! I love that store too...a little too much I might add. I know it's weird, but I like interviews too and whats weirder is that when I was single, I also enjoyed 1st dates...

    Good luck with your job...I know you'll do well!


  4. Oh Kimberly...I am SO happy for you! If I worked at a place like that, I would spend every penny I made!

    That is SPECTACULAR! Bless your heart, I am so happy for you!
    You will be FABULOUS!!