Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My parents just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary, on October 25th, but I had to wait until they left on their trip to Bermuda to write this post :-). My mom married my "step" dad when I was 10 years old and my brother and I were blessed with two, wonderful sisters and a father who could pretty much part the Red Seas, with minimal effort. I've written about my dad before, so I'll try not to sound like a Hallmark commercial in this post. Suffice it to say, he is the best man I have ever known... bar none!

My parents are completely committed to each other; they put the other's happiness before their own, they are daily life, in parenting, in everything they do. Whether they made a conscious decision to do so, my mom and dad put their relationship first and everything, kids, friends, family, homes...was under "them" on their list of priorities. Selfish? Not at all! That is as it should be, in a healthy marriage. That relationship is the foundation upon which all others rest. If it's not solid, everything goes down with the first hearty gust of wind. Thirty three years after they said "I do", the building my parents sisters, my brother, four grand-daughters & three still standing: strong, proud & beautiful. Thanks to my sister for sending this picture to all of the siblings on "our" anniversary. It says it all!


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary to your parents!


  2. Just beautiful, Kim! I LOVE love-stories:)
    Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents!


  3. did they do it? how do they do it? sheer luck? don't think so....hey by the way, your blog looks FABULOUS! Your favorite colors - love it!!!

  4. also that is a GREAT picture of my gorgeous sister!!!

  5. Don't cha just love happy endings? Congrats!