Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Justifying This One...

At 10:00 this morning, I realize I'm feeling a little hungry (skipping breakfast will do that to you), so I head down to the kitchen to rustle up a bit of "something". Eggs? Nope. Wholewheat sourdough toast? Nah! Strawberry yogurt with granola & fruit? Not gonna cut it. Nothing is tickling my taste buds, so I'm ready to shut the refrigerator door and wait until lunch, when I spy a 1/2 of a small(ish...okay, not even really "ish"...more like small-medium) wheel of brie. Just a few pieces on some crackers would make a lovely snack, thought I. Ohhhh, I have some yummy organic preserves, from my sister, and a bag of slivered almonds. Baked brie for breakfast...why not? My house, no kids home, so anything goes! Twenty minutes later, I have devoured all but the tiniest piece of brie and refrained from licking the preserved juices off the plate. This was a delicious moment of gluttony that I can't even blame on P.M.S. Sometimes, I gotta admit: it's good to be the grown-up and be free to make wild-impetuous decisions :-)


  1. Oh that makes me want some right now.... hmmmm..... I need to go shopping, I have no food in the house!
    I hope to have some cushions made from the fur coat, I'll send pictures once I am sure that's what I am doing.
    How is the new job?
    I need to catch up with everyone...... I feel the Christmas pressure already!!!!
    Margaret B

  2. all i can say is, YUM!!!!