Monday, January 17, 2011

Nine Months???

Is it possible that it has been nine months since I last updated my blog? Oh my...
A lot has happened, in my life, since I last visited my own blog. August was a wonderfully exciting month for me (and the kids), so that seems as good a place to begin as any.
On August 19, I got engaged to an amazing man who I had been dating (off and on) for a year and a half. From the moment of our engagement, through New Year's day, life has been an absolute whirlwind of activity. We immediately started searching for a house (to rent) that would accommodate all of us. John has shared custody of his beautiful 10 year old daughter and we needed to find a house with enough space for the 5 of us to live comfortable...add the dog, to the mix, and we were facing a tough challenge. Our house hunt was proving to be a futile & frustrating undertaking and we were ready to give up (and stay in the house John and Tess were renting) when our realtor showed us one last option that turned out to be the home of our dreams...more about that later :-)
John and Tess moved into the new house on October 1. The kids and I followed on October 31 and I've been busily nesting ever since. Nesting was squeezed tightly in between planning our (very small) wedding, preparing for Thanksgiving & Christmas, taking our honeymoon to St. Croix and hosting a family Christmas party on New Year's day. That list is slightly out of order, which shows how my head is STILL spinning. We were married, in NYC, the day after Thanksgiving. The kids were scheduled to be with their other parents on Christmas, so we flew to St. Croix on Christmas Eve morning and celebrated the holiday, with the children, when we returned, on December 29th. PHEW....did you manage to follow any/ all of that?
Since I STILL haven't learned to correctly arrange pictures in my blog entries, I'll post a few wedding pictures now and save the others (house, honeymoon, etc.) for another time.
Oh, how good it feels to get back to blogging! I've truly missed this element of my life and am excited about reconnecting with all of you!