Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am IN Love!

No, no, no sillies. You have not missed something exciting with regard to my ongoing search for Mr. Right. Speaking of which, my best (guy) friend and I have hatched an idea for what is sure to be a Get-Me-On-Oprah bestseller: a he said/ she said guide to internet dating. Brilliant, no? Once again...I digress. The object of my affection for this evening is the tiered cake stand I made. I have seen these all over blogland and have been dying to make one for myself. I had the three plates and today I ran over to Salvation Army to find the candlesticks. I figured "Sally's" was about the only place I would dare to go with my fever blistered face. I lucked out as they were just stocking the shelves with new goodies from the back. Fresh pickins'! I found several pairs of brass candlesticks that I will use for other projects and was about to call it a day when I came across these colorful ceramic cuties...that just happened to match the plates I had set aside for the project. I LOVE the way they look with the whimsical trio. I'm going to follow the lead of other bloggers, I think, and use my new creation for holding jewelry!


  1. Oh this is so lovely, Kimberly! I'd like to make my own cakestand too, just looking for the just perfect dishes (after I missed some fabulous cheap ones!:((()... Yours looks terrific! Can't wait to see the jewelry in it!

  2. Those are absolutely stunning platters!!!! Ha ha...I thought maybe you did find a new know my son is single...haha.....he has a blog too!!! I think I had a link to him a couple post back!!!
    Hope you are doing well!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Great looking Plates! These typically retail for $40 plus, GREAT JOB~ :) ~CC Catherine