Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night on the Town

I am normally not a huge fan of "bubble dresses". I tend to gravitate toward more classic styles and this particular design feels a bit too trend-of-the-day for my taste. When I saw this dress at Consignment Originals, however, the vibrant color and silky fabric were simply too enticing for me to pass it by. When I tried it on at home (more often than not I break the "ALWAYS try it on before you buy" rule...particularly with consignment items that can't be returned. My rebellious nature at work!), I was SO pleased that I didn't pass this beauty by. It looks pretty darn good!

Eliza J: royal blue cocktail dress~ $5.80 (Retail: $138)

Retail Cost: $138
My Total Cost: $5.80
Savings: 96%

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