Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Fashion Finds

Don't take my absence from blogland as a sign that my bargain hunting has been on hiatus. As the amazing staff at Consignment Originals can attest, I am probably as (if not more) familiar with the stock/ layout of the store as they are. I have developed a definite routine during my C.O. outings: first stop is the $1 and up racks (scouting both the ladies' & the juniors' sections for myself and my girlies). If my cart isn't filled after those racks, I hit the 50% off goodies. Rarely do I venture to the full-price areas; not because the prices aren't incredibly reasonable, but why go for reasonable when you can...with a little more effort...go for ridiculous?!?
I have so much catching up to do, but I did snap pictures of a few of my recent finds this afternoon.
Navy & white Ann Taylor Skirt ($4), New
Cream ruffled Dimri top ($1)
Black H&M skirt ($1.70)
Royal blue Tweeds top ($1.70)

Geometric silk, shift dress: Mark. ($3.20)
And the major score of the day, which will have to wait patiently in my closet until next fall...a gorgeous heather blue, cashmere/ wool jacket. I think this may be handmade because it has no tags....70 cents!!!! 

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