Saturday, January 17, 2009

Once Possessed...One of my favorite places

Once again, I have to laugh at the inside joke, running circles in my head, regarding this blog title.
"Once Possessed" is a wonderfully quirky, antique consignment shop owned by my good friend, Melody. The story behind the shop is truly worthy of, at least, a guest spot on Oprah. Melody and her mom shared a dream of opening a shop together and planned, down to the smallest detail, how their vision would come to fruition. Mel's mom was going to re-locate to New England, from California, so they could birth their business in the quaint town of New Fairfield, CT. Melody's mother was, tragically, killed in a car accident months before she was to head east. Their shared dream was, naturally, put on the back burner as Melody tackled the agonizing task of getting her mom's estate in order, while dealing with her own grief. When the emotional dust settled, Mel realized that, in order to most fully honor the memory of her mother, she had to make their vision a reality and a one woman show...she opened "Once Possessed".
The shop has such an eclectic mix of fabulous finds, all beautifully displayed with Mel's uniquely, creative touch. I met Melody, over a year ago, after a close friend had written a story about "Once Possessed" for the local paper. After my friend Laura interviewed Melody, she called to tell me this shop was right up my alley and I had to get over there immediately. It was love at first sight for me...and the beginning of an incredible friendship with an amazing woman, who embodies the strength, courage and drive of a woman on a mission of love!
Once Possessed
#1 Sawmill Rd.
New Fairfield, CT 06812
(203) 746-9999

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  1. take me there next time i'm in ct!!!! is there a sign outside that says "admit it: you too were once possessed???"