Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remembering When...

There are times, when my children are particularly challenging, when I need to take a walk down memory lane...back to a time/ place when they didn't both think I was the most embarrassing, least cool human God ever created! Old pictures are the perfect partner for that kind of stroll. I came across these, which were taken 3 summers ago, during a business trip my ex-husband took us on, to a gorgeous resort in New Hampshire. We hadn't planned on accompanying him, which made the adventure all the more enjoyable. While he was busily presenting at the seminars, the kids and I had a wonderful time exploring the quaint, little resort village and taking a ride on a paddle boat. The ride came to a screeching halt when my daughter pointed out all of the funny black "fish" stuck to the side of our boat....leeches! At that moment, I lost all sense of reason and didn't CARE that they couldn't/ wouldn't possibly gnaw through the side of our aluminum carrier. I was going to walk on water (with or without children in tow) to escape this scene out of a Stephen King novel. EWWW! The picture was, obviously, taken BEFORE the slimy, slug sighting.
See? The images of that "look" of disgust my angels sometimes have when I enter a room has been replaced with....oh boy. Back to digging through old photographs!


  1. your blog looks great! i'm glad james did not drown caroline (top pic!)

  2. Kimberly, your kids are adorable!
    Isn't that fun that when you start to declutter there is ALWAYS something which attracts your own attention and it ends up you don't finish what you started?!?
    Well, I MUST tidy up my craft supplies- my studio is in an AWFUL mess I'm afraid!
    Monica x.