Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Winner Is...

I am so pleased to announce that Monica (The White Bench) is the winner of my first, ever blog swap. I have gathered together a special collection of vintage jewelry and sundry bits & pieces of baubles that I know will be put to good use by the ever-creative, Monica. I can't wait to see how she uses her inspiring imagination to create new treasures! Congratulations to Monica...I'm absolutely thrilled that you were chosen as my swap partner!



  1. Thank you, dear Kimberly! I am thrilled as well!
    I'm off to collect pretties for you (................. and to de-clutter!!!!!!)
    Monica x.

  2. Yippeeeeee!!! How lovely you chose a White Bench pic for this post!! Yippeeeeee!!! Hoooorayyyyy!!!! I'm excited. Just a bit. HOOOOOORAAAAAYYYY!!!!!
    Monica x.

  3. Congratulations to Monica!
    Your lovely prize couldn`t have gone to a nicer lady!
    Monica, she is such a sweetie!
    And so are you!
    For giving such lovely Treasures!
    Debbie Moss