Sunday, February 1, 2009

Double Ruffle Ribbons

Thanks to a "signal error" with my local cable company, I was without a phone and computer for nearly two days. No need to focus on the frustration it caused me because I am up and running again. It's amazing how those two "luxuries" are actually staples of daily living. I had to laugh, at one point, when an automated voice recording suggested I report my technical difficulties on the cable co.'s website. Why would I be waiting, on hold, for 1/2 hour if I had access to the internet???
I digress...
Last week I ordered some double ruffle ribbons from my new favorite etsy shop, Just because ribbons. I haven't worked with these ribbons before, but have been inspired by various projects I've come across, through blogs I follow. The ribbons arrived yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful! Sadly, I had only ordered 3 colors, because I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. As soon as I opened my little package, the creative juices were flowing. I started with a rather plain cardigan sweater that has been hanging in my closet for....well, for TOO long (as a personal organizer, I try to stick with the "if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it!" rule, but I don't always practice what I preach). The sweater is an odd, muted brown and lacked any "oomph". I piggybacked the "lemongrass" and brown ribbons, added some vintage buttons and my once drab cardigan is now a piece with panache!
Of course, I had to order more ribbon right away. I contacted, Deb, the owner of the shop to see if she could customize an order for me. She responded right away and we've been emailing back and forth, deciding what colors/ amounts would best suit my needs. Aside from the fact that her ribbons are lovely and very reasonably priced, Deb is so helpful and beyond accommodating. She has over 50 colors to choose from, so I gave her an idea of what I'd like, but am letting her gather a variety for me. I can't wait to try the ribbons out on my embellished baseball caps and hope to get them up on etsy as soon as possible!
Deb doesn't (yet) have a blog, so I told her I would gladly share my finds with all of you. Stop by her etsy shop, Just Because Ribbons, and see for yourselves :-)


  1. Fab, Kimberly!
    Can't wait to see your baseball hats! These ribbons are so beautiful, I haven't seen them before!
    Snow here once again, I couldn't manage to ship your parcel yet...:((( But I'll do soon!
    Monica x.

  2. I love what you did to the cardigan! The ribbons are amazing. The baseball hats are sure to be a hit.