Friday, February 13, 2009

The Pansies are Popping!

Perhaps I will, a little later, write about the grueling 24 hours I have spent with my ex-husband, following surgery he had to rebuild his shoulder...and the insanity I face in trying to now prepare for the baby shower I'm throwing on Sunday. Perhaps I won't. Suffice it to say, I am emotionally & physically exhausted and, somehow, have to find the energy to do what needs to be done. C'mon God, some divinely-inspired endurance would be greatly appreciated right now!
Focusing on the task at hand: Pansies! Well, technically it is a single pansy I am referring to, but one is enough to remind me that: hope springs eternal. Following a night devoid of slumber, my children and I came home this morning and, as I was shuffling up my walkway, in a semi-comatose state, I saw...out of the corner of my eye...a purple pansy. Visual hallucinations wouldn't be out of the question at this point, so I asked my kids to confirm the sighting. They affirmed that there was, indeed, a flower in the garden...albeit with a lot less enthusiasm than that which filled my spring-loving heart. "Big deal, Mom. ONE flower in the garden and it'll die tonight when it gets cold again", says my eldest (very adolescent) child. Big deal, indeed! Clearly the metaphorical significance of this single bloom was lost on his jaded sense of hope and the blessings of things to come. Thankfully, my daughter was indulgent enough to stand outside with me while I snapped picture after picture of this glorious flower.
***an aside: I got a new camera from my best (guy) friend, for Valentine's Day! It has all kinds of bells and whistles, which I still need to figure out, but I am feeling certain that my fuzzy, too dark/ light picture dilemmas are going to be a thing of the past! To make my gift all the sweeter, my new camera is pale pink...I'm such a girly-girl!
Thank you, God, for putting that sweet pansy in my path today. Thank you, Glenn, for such a wonderful gift. As for the other blessings in my day, I'm sure they, too, will become apparent if I can keep my eyes open long enough to see them :-)


  1. Hope this could be one of them... I mentioned you on my blog. Come and see, if you have some time!
    Monica xx.

  2. Oh, that pansy is terrific! ... A natural Pansy in February????
    Monica xo.

  3. What a WONDERFUL blog........ I shall visit, visit and re-visit. Thank You.

  4. ok - who's glenn?????

  5. and why don't you thank god for him, not the bleepin' pansy!

  6. I mentioned Glenn in one of my earliest posts. He's the first person (or maybe the second) I went out with from We decided, within moments, that we would probably be the best of friends for the rest of our lives. I thank God for him 25 times a day, but he likes public acknowledgment, so I thanked him directly for the camera :-) Now I'll have to email him and let him know that he's being "discussed" in my blog, which will surely fluff up his feathers!!!

  7. Love your blog, Kimberly!
    I have a pale pink camera too, (Sony) and bought it BECAUSE it was a pale pink Sony~LOL!
    Pretty Pansy:)