Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Saturday

I hope Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound, doesn't mind terribly that I'm "joining" her Pink Saturday a roundabout way. Anyone who has been following my blog knows that this week has been insane for me. I never got a chance to sign up, with Beverly, properly, but felt the need to add my two pink cents. I will sign up for next week, to make it official.
In between tedious chores & trying to keep my mind off my puppy's surgery yesterday, I did squeeze in a few little projects...and they just happen to fit Pink Saturday. I decided the "wart eggs" (as my son aptly named them) were just not going to beautify, no matter what I did to them. Into the garbage they went and I started over.
"Simple, simple, simple", I kept reminding myself. I painted some blown-out eggs the lightest pink, then added a touch of shimmer with some glass sparkle. I plopped them in a ceramic bowl, added a few millinery flowers and that's the end of that!
It never dawned on me that I could change my sweet teddy bear's attire and the blue frock she has always worn was looking a bit off in my pink & white bedroom. I dug through some of my daughter's old baby clothes and found an adorable ensemble that now matches my bedding. Two minutes of creating a new hairbow and I think she's looking like a whole new girl!
My last show & tell required no work, at all. It is my collection of silver & crystal do-dads that sits on my dresser. The pretty pink & gold rose is one from my good friend, Monica, and is the perfect compliment to the other trinkets...don't you agree?


  1. Lovely, I think the pink eggs are fabulous!
    Margaret B

  2. VERY pretty, Kimberly. I LOVE those eggs! =)

  3. You did a mahvelous job on these pink eggs!
    Very, very pretty!

  4. Soooooo BEAUTIFUL, Kimberly!! I am partial: of course I especially love the Teddy Bear!! But the 'new' eggs are lovely, plain and elegant, and the pink corner just terrific!(thanks for the mention, by the way!:))
    I think you'll do GREAT THINGS in your Pink Saturdays! See you there then!
    Monica xo.
    P.S Ooooops! Maybe I did wrong with your Easter parcel...:( Hope you will like what I made for you... Can't wait you to receive that!