Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desk Makeover

As I was looking around my bedroom this morning, wondering where my creative juices have hidden themselves, I realized that I did work on a few projects during the course of my tumultuous summer. Perhaps if I share, I will get inspired again. That's such a Catch 22, isn't it? It's so difficult to charge your creative batteries when you're struggling with....life, yet (for me) the act of creating something new is the very thing that does recharge my batteries.
Okay....focus on the topic, Kimberly! I found this desk in the early part of the summer, tucked away in a corner of the Salvation Army. It was priced at $19.99, but it had been there for over a month, so it was reduced by half! Less than $10 for a piece with such potential...and it would fit in the back of my CRV...so I could take it on the spot. Irresistible price and immediate gratification...WOOHOO! It's a small desk, so I knew I could find a place for it. It has tons of little nooks & crannies, a roll-down thingy (please forgive me for being so technological with my terminology) and enough drawer space to hide my bills & paperwork.
As soon as I got it home, I gave it a quick sanding, spray painted it an antique white then "aged" it with sandpaper and a hammer. My kids always get a kick out of the aging thing: why do I spend so much time refinishing a piece, only to attack the finished product with an arsenal of potentially deadly weapons? A quick blast of black spray paint and the knobs & drawer pulls looked crisp and rejuvenated. I decided to decoupage the pull-out, writing surface thingy (here I go with the fancy terminology again) and was quite pleased with the way it turned out. I was not, however, as pleased with the way my pictures turned out, so you may have to use a bit of imagination on this.
I am off to drop off more job applications at the mall. Maybe...just maybe...today will be the day that I finally find a job!


  1. Kimberly!!! This is the MOST STUNNING desk I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding!! You did SUCH A GREAT job, gal!!!!!!!!!!
    And I nearly fainted reading its price...
    Beautiful decoupage, and those treasures inside and art pieces by Margaret on the top give it such a cozy feel...

  2. Hi Kimberly!!
    Oh I agree with Monica, wholeheartedly!!
    It is just AMAZING!! LOVE it and the Price~~~WOO-HOO!!!!

    Hugs to you, sweet girl!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  3. Jealous.
    Very jealous.
    I can not resist little nooks and drawers.
    And then there was the price!