Thursday, October 1, 2009

Headboard for My Un-Girly Girl

My Caroline has finally taken pity on my incessant quest to slip a bit of femininity into her tomboy world. I have given up...for visions of crinoline, pink satin bows and tea parties. Another era and certainly another type of child! She surprised me when we moved into our new place and "allowed" me to decorate her room. I had snagged an adorable, shabby chic bedroom set at a tag sale this spring: quilt, bed skirt, 2 sets of twin sheets, 2 area rugs, valance, pillow sham, 2 small pillows, a wastebasket, a light switch cover and an electrical outlet cover....all for $10! Okay, when I tried to put it all together, it was way to "matchy matchy" for my taste. I knew I wanted to use most of the bedding and found a Laura Ashley bed skirt at Salvation Army for $.99 that compliments the quilt. I hung some sheer curtains that I already had and put the rest of the set away.

Her headboard was an old mantle that had been left behind in the "other" house.

:::PAUSE::: I am suddenly struck was an undeniable sense of deja-vu. Have I already written a post about the headboard well as her shabby chic bedroom set????? Or, was it one of those subjects on my blog post to-do list??? Oh, Heavens to Murgatroid! I don't recall. I could go through my archives, but I'd rather not. I'm just going to keep writing and pretend this is all new to you.

I painted the headboard a pale, pale blue. I had bought one of those 4 oz. paint sample jars to try out in a bedroom, wasn't crazy about the color on the walls, but...waste not, want not! I loved how it looked on the headboard. The little decorative piece was something I've held onto for years, waiting to find a home for it. A white little spray paint to cover the rusty silver finish & it was the perfect finishing touch for the headboard. The mantle top is ideal for displaying some treasures. The bunny was a particularly special gift from my friend Monica, which Caroline snatched off of my dressing table and proclaimed that it "belonged" in her room. I have no idea how long this indulgence will last, so I will relish it until my little princess announces she wants a skull & crossbones theme.


  1. Waaaay cute!
    And no, I hadn't seen the post before!

  2. This looks so lovely. What a great idea for a headboard too. I know all too well about sneaking a bit of pink into my daughter's life. My youngest daughter was my tom boy and she favored blue. Funny now that she is older, she loves pink. I love what you did with this bed.


  3. My daughter is not a girlie girl at all and I used to have to fight her tooth and nail all the time regarding decorating or even clothing. She is now almost 16, rides horses and spends all her down time at the are very lucky your daughter lets you do that. The headboard is TDF!


  4. Wonderful, Kimberly! I wish I made that bunny pink!
    Hugs to you both,

  5. love that headboard!