Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hydrangea Wreath

My landlord was kind enough to let me cut bunches and bunches of hydrangea, from the bushes outside of the house. He's a sweet, older Italian man, who looked at me cock-eyed when I made the request.
"Help yourself, dear", he said, "but why do you want the flowers when she's a-dying?"
"Projects!", I explained.
He shrugged his shoulders and waved me toward the bushes.
I happened to cut the flowers, apparently, at just the right time. I popped them into vases and let them dry for a few days and (at the suggestion of some floral arrangement website) I soaked the heads in warm water for 15 minutes before it was time for wreath assembly. The "expert" assured that this would 1.) loosen all of the brown petals...which it did and 2.) make them easier to work with because they were less brittle....also true.
I simply stuck the flower heads into a green foam thingy, added a few silk flowers for color, tied a bow on top and she's a-finished! Cute, huh? Oh, because I am the queen of more, more, more...I decided to add a tiny bit of mica glitter to a few of the leaves. Just a touch of shimmer.


  1. Oh Kimberly, this is beautiful!!! Well done!


  2. I have been trying to grow Hydrangeas FOREVER with zero success. They are hands down my top 5 favorite flowers. How kind of your neighbor to let you cut a few and your wreaths are awesome!


  3. Kimberly,
    you did such a terrific job! And YOU KNOW I loove those hues!
    Last year I made my own hydrangea wreath, it was actually a hat... maybe I'll share it on my blog soon.
    This year, due to my paucity of time for gardening during early Spring/Summer, I had no flowers to be cut...