Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Basement Treasures

I wanted to add some pictures of specific treasures I came across, during my excursion to my basement today. There are two old bicycles, propped in a dark corner, which I swear I've never seen. I found the coffee pot (which wasn't quite as vintage as I'd hoped), as well as a lantern that has, clearly, become the residence of the local arachnids. Think I'll clean this one before the creepy crawlies wake up. I also found a set of wonderful, antique bookends: with illustrations from "Moby Dick". The find of all finds, which were hidden in the recesses of the canning room, a set of yellow dishes with red poppies. There were 6 dinner plates, a large serving platter, a serving bowl, creamer/ sugar bowl & a few saucers. The pattern is lovely and are in amazingly good shape, considering they were shoved behind dozens of mason jars! Oh, I also wanted to share the vintage "machine" that haunts a space next to my washer & dryer. I'm not certain if it's a dishwasher or a washing machine and I don't dare open the lid, for fear of coming face to face with whatever might have claimed it as a residence.

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