Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vintage Re-Vamp

I was trying to find some quick (and ridiculously) easy ways to use some of the vintage jewelry I have. I wasn't feeling like digging into a major project, though. Here are some of the short-cut pieces I made, which I'm going to put in my etsy shop. Speaking of which...here I go, off on another tangent...I've decided to wait until I have a fairly sizable number of items with which to stock my store. Rather than doing it piecemeal, and having visitors asking: "Is that all?" Any thoughts on doing it the way I'm suggesting?
Back to the jewelry: I bought a batch of vintage, goldtone chains (necklaces & bracelets) at a thrift store ages ago. I thought maybe I could jazz them up a bit with some of my singleton earrings or a pin. Et voila! The turquoise necklace was a screw-back earring. I removed the screw part and bent the remaining wire down, to form a loop. Now I can put it on any chain. The other two necklaces are simply vintage pins. I discovered, the hard way, that it's a good idea to file down the pointed end before you try to wear it. OUCH! For the bracelet, I took apart a pair of rhinestone earrings and a single clip-on, removed the backs and glued them to a goldtone bracelet. Fast, fun & easy...just the kind of projects I had in mind.


  1. WOW Kimberly! Beautiful ideas! I especially love the red bracelet- oh my! It is DIVINE!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Monica x.

  2. Love that bracelet! I'm not sure about the one big stocking your store update thing. I know someone who has an online shoppe and was doing just that(the one big update), but then found it was much easier to add things as she finished them. I hope that helps.


  3. Hi Nancy,
    My name is Rita and I run the Queen's Corner Cottage blog. First I wanted to say thank you for being a follower! However, I am so busy right now with Etsy, Ebay and my other biz blog, that I am going to shut QCC down for now.

    The second thing I wanted to tell you is that I love your vintage items! You have so much talent! You may want to think about joining us on the Friday Flea Market network. Great group of sellers and you will fit right in.

    Go over to my new blog and check them out.


    I wish you the very best on Etsy too by the way. I think you are going to do very well.

    Again, thank you for all your support.
    All the best,
    Rita Gazzaniga