Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thrifting in My Basement

When my kids and I moved into the house we are renting, over a year and a half ago, one of the hidden treasures I quickly discovered was the basement. The owner apologetically explained that I would have to "work around" mountains of "stuff" that was stored down there. The stuff, I soon discovered, was everything the family didn't immediately need/ want when their Aunt Peg (the original home owner) passed away. My landlord gave me carte blanche to use or re-vamp anything that caught my eye. In the first few weeks, after our move, I spent many heavenly hours down in the basement, sorting through Aunt Peg's leftovers. I couldn't believe some of the treasures that were cast aside by the family. I've refinished several pieces of furniture (one table I gave to my landlord & his wife for Christmas last year) and used bits & pieces of this & that in various projects. As time has passed, I assumed I'd found everything I could put to use. One of my fellow bloggers was showing off her recent thrifting finds and it sparked a visual memory of an old coffee pot sitting somewhere down in the crypt....my children's pet name for my haven. Little do they know that part of its appeal is that it is the one place, in the house, where they won't follow me! I went down to see if I could locate the coffee pot and my vision, of the remaining mementos, was rejuvenated. There are still so many abandoned trinkets down there, patiently waiting for the creative lightbulb to go off in my head. I snapped a few pictures to share. Perhaps something will catch the eye of one of you ever-imaginative ladies and you can inspire me.

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  1. i love those cool sea glass colored blue/green jars - i thought at first they were those things from the railroad - what are they called? transformers? or was that the name of my kids' old action figures? at any rate, at second glance they seem to be old bottles - you should grab them out of the dungeon and bring them to light on a windowsill! (preferably mine)