Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bills, Bills & More Bills

I am, normally, so excited to cozy down in front of my computer when I am beginning a new post. Not so much this time! I'll try to make this as quick and painless, for myself, as possible. As I have mentioned, repeatedly, the vet bills to get Gretel fixed are through the roof. Obviously, I hadn't planned well for this kind of (near) catastrophe. Being unemployed is a mixed blessing right now: I'm able to be home with my pup while she heals, but that doesn't do much in the way of covering her medical costs. Like so many others who are in similar positions, I have been actively looking for employment and am hopeful that something will work out. In the meantime, I have realized just how much "stuff" I have that I neither use or need. If the vet accepted Prada shoes, as payment, I'd be all set :-) I spent quite a bit of time listing on ebay today and ask, humbly, that you take a moment to peruse my goodies. I know how tight budgets are right now, but I have some fabulous jewelry "up" right now. The watch, for example, was informally appraised, by my jeweler, for $2,500-$3,000. All of my listings are "Buy it Now" with a best offer option. I have been selling, on ebay, for years and have found that format works well for those buyers who are impatient (like me), but still enjoy the negotiating/ auction feel of a sale. I would be a lousy car salesman as I find this kind of self-promotion excruciation!
***I just realized that this is my 97th posting. Until I come up with a fabulous give-away for my 100th (
I know I don't have to do a give-away, but it's such a great way to celebrate), I'll keep adding a "P.S." to various posts. Is that cheating? I also wonder if I'm breaking some sort of blog record, with close to 100 posts in...what has it been...3-4 months!?


  1. love the fab shoes - love the watch and ring, too - that's it! i'll take one of each!!!

  2. Pssssst: "You have a love gift on the way. Probably Friday.... Just to let you know... I care. (But, sadly it is not money, just love gifts)" Keep on keepin' on God WILL provide.