Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stunned Speechless

My wonderful new friend, Sharon of SharDonExclusives, has rendered me positively speechless. Since I discovered her amazingly, fantastically stunning jewelry, I have been transfixed by her talent and imagination. She, who turns a piece from a broken stained glass, church window, into a pendant that is truly a work of art. Who, beside Sharon, could even imagine such a metamorphosis? I posted earlier that Sharon and I instantly "clicked", via email, followed by a phone chat that confirmed (to me at least) that we were just meant to be friends. I had sent Sharon some beaded jewelry that I knew she could transform into something far lovelier than it was. She seemed pleased with her new goodies and let me know that a little "love gift" was on its way to me. I wasn't expecting the package until tomorrow, but was THRILLED when it arrived a day early. "Little love gift" my.....eye! The main gift was the most gorgeous necklace I could imagine and exactly what I would have chosen for myself. How did she know? She also made me a beautiful pin cushion (such a misnomer for this lovely piece). I don't have a pin cushion. I store my pins/ needles in an empty film canister and prick my finger EVERY time I open it. How did she know? Then there was one of her fabulous eye glass cases. I just got a pair of reading glasses and have been carrying them, in my purse, wrapped in a paper towel because I didn't have a glasses case. How did she know?
When you make a true heart connection with another person, you just know. Thank you, Sharon, for....well, you know :-)
I am very unhappy with the quality of the pictures. I tried to snap them before the sun went down. I also had my son attempt to take some pictures of me wearing the necklace, but they didn't turn out well. We'll try again.
I am holding off on sharing the cards Sharon made me for another post as I have to attend to my Gretel. The puppy has had a bit of a rough day. Back to the vet to get hers pain meds changed (they were causing some...ummm..."plumbing" issues) and have her checked over. Everything looks good, according to the vet, but the healing process is a bit harder now that her initial excitement, over being home, is over.


  1. F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S gifts!!!! She is such a talented girl!!I'd need to catch up with her blog, and add that to my sidebar.
    Looove the necklace and the coffee filter rose! I made many dozens of them in my 'younger years' too- they are divine in that bright yellow!

  2. Kimberly, I am soooo glad you like your "love gifts"! I hope it cheered your day and that you will enjoy everything. It was so fun to be able to send you a package goodies when you were having such a hard time with your puppy. I enjoyed making the necklace from YOUR beads that you gave to me. The pearls & the crystals were from you. Love, Sharon

  3. Wow, that necklace is just so beautiful!! I too admire her work... You did a great job on the photos...Love the cards too..

  4. What BEAUTIFUL treasures! You are only lucky (and one very deserving) lady! =) That necklace especially is so lovely!

  5. Kimberly, isn't Sharon the sweetest?? Her talent is just so amazing and I am so happy that you are happy!!
    I need to get Sharon to show me how to make those pretty paper flowers...
    Have fun!!
    Hugs, Lynn