Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Swap Goodies!

I was absolutely THRILLED when my name was chosen as one of Monica's Easter swap partners and had such fun putting together a basket of goodies for her. The postal transit time between CT and Italy pushes my patience to the limit, but when her package arrived at my doorstep, it was well worth the wait! Her wrapping job is so beautiful that one is tempted to hold off on opening each package. I may have been tempted, but I am not stupid :-) Inside were such beautiful, carefully selected treasures...all lovingly made by my thoughtful and very talented friend! I started the unveiling with the wonderful Easter card, in which Monica gave me a bit of background information on several of the presents. I was in tears before I even removed a single bow on the packages. Monica, by the way, ties bows that would have Houdini struggling to get through...adds to the anticipation! Prior to taking pictures, this time, I chose the perfect spot for each item. The only exception is the adorable bunny she made, who is sitting in a metal basket that hangs from my kitchen window. I couldn't get the lighting right, so I plopped her on my comfy bed pillows for the photo session. The little, handpainted bell and trinket box have joined another bell, from Monica, on my dresser. The "Wish" bunnies are nestled in their egg, hanging on the curtain rod, in my bedroom. The nest, which Monica found in her garden...and is my absolute else? In the vintage birdcage I have in my living room. Once again, Monica, you demonstrate an uncanny ability to select the perfect gift. The morning the package arrived, I had been playing around with different items to put inside the cage: silk flowers, different types of greenery, candles, baubles & buttons, ribbons & lace. I got slightly frustrated with cage renovations and decided to leave it empty until I could find something that worked. I laughed so hard when I opened the bird's nest...utter perfection. I'm sure I've forgotten something....ohhhhhhh, the soap cone: a fun, whimsical cone filled with springy soaps...such fun! I love, love, love everything and am so very grateful for the friendship that has evolved all because of this fantastic forum. What an amazing thing it is to come together, in this "vast" arena (special smiles for you, Monica) and make such true friends!


  1. Isn't Monica amazing, and so talented. I was in her swap also and I agree, the packaging is as wonderful as the gifts themselves. It was such a special day when her parcel arrived! I am in love with your beautiful gifts you received too!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Thanks ladies (to Margaret, too!). I tried to satisfy each swap partner's desires...:) That's the VERY BEST part of frienship, isn't it!
    Have a great day girls!
    P.S Kimberly, your photography skills are 'high jumping'!!!:)))))

  3. Love all the goodies....That bunny is just so cute. Love the dress. Hope all is well and your Gretel is doing better..