Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Warp

I'll begin this posting by asking for a bit of patience and understanding if I appear to be a bit more scattered than usual...good luck, Gentle Readers :-)
The last 4 days have been the longest and most emotional I've faced in the last several years. First & foremost, my pup is turning out to be an absolute powerhouse in the recuperation department. While she still spends quite a bit of time resting her broken bones, she is able to bear weight on her legs and takes a few steps (with some support). The vet instructed me to "follow her lead" as far as her ability to increase mobility, but didn't expect her to be making this kind of improvement for a week or so. The sun was shining today and it was warm enough to spend some time outside, which both Gretel and I relished. She more than I, I'm certain, as she has been confined to a cage for the last 4 days.
My daughter has been with her dad this weekend, so she hasn't seen the puppy up and about. I'm sure she will be thrilled and, I pray, this will erase some of the nightmarish images she has embedded in her sweet little head!
The reality of the ordeal is slowly sinking in as I try to figure out how to pay Peter now that I've paid Paul. The vet bills, 80% of which needed to be paid upfront, were astronomical. I have not a single regret about doing whatever was necessary to get Gretel the medical care she required, but I was completely unprepared for the enormity of the bills that would ensue! One of the lessons here: pet insurance! A second lesson: it helps to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex-husband (my deepest gratitude, to my daughter's father, for his willingness to help cover the surgeon's bill)!


  1. i am so glad she is getting better, poor little thing...

  2. Praise God for the extra financial help in a time like this! Your puppy is so sweet and money can not buy that kind of love. I am praying for you daily, and for puppy, and for your sweet daughter.