Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fairy Garden

I hope you all are having the same beautiful weather as we are, here in SUNNY CT! Seems, once again, we catapulted from winter right into the dog days of summer. You won't catch me complaining. A few of you left comments/ questions about my fairy doors (two posts back). The store, at which they were purchased, closed...broke my heart! I just did a search on GOOGLE and came across a fabulous website for fairy garden doo-dads, Enchanted Gardens. WARNING***this site could be hazardous to your wallets! The prices are reasonable, but they have SO many cute things. I browsed their selection of doors very quickly and the ones they carry are significantly smaller than mine...FYI. The ones I have are approximately 6"H x 4"W and theirs are about 1/2 that size. Happy fairy hunting :-)


  1. I love this fairy door and you are right, that website is hazardous! I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits this morning :) I love all your pictures of the new kitties and especially LOVE the picture of you and your son together.

    Happy Wednesday from the rainy Eastern Shore of Maryland!


  2. Thanks for the tip, that door is cute as a bug!